Key Persons

S. No. Name Designation
1 Mr. Ashish Mehrotra Managing Director & CEO
2 Mr. Partha Banerjee Director & Head – Legal, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs and Chief Compliance Officer
3 Mr. Rahul Ahuja Chief Finance Officer
4 Mr. Tarun Katyal ​Director & Chief Human Resources Officer
5 Mr. A.V.Ramanan Appointed Actuary
6 Mr. Vikas Gujral Chief Operating Officer
7 Ms. Anika Agarwal Senior Vice President & Head - Marketing, Digital and Direct Sales
8 Mr. Anurag Gupta Senior Vice President & Head - Agency Channel
9 Mr. Aseem Gupta Senior Vice President – Portfolio and Affinity
10 Mr. Vikas Jain Chief Investment Officer
11 Mr. Rajat Sharma Company Secretary
12 Mr. Satyanandan Atyam Chief Risk Officer