10 Health Diet Tips for the Summer Season
10 Health Diet Tips for the Summer Season
Posted On : 23 March 2021, 5 Months Ago. Health-wellness
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The pleasant days of spring make way for summer and the sun shines brighter signaling the arrival of longer days and higher temperatures. It is important to consume a healthy diet as well as protect yourself from the harsh heat and harmful sunrays, especially during the afternoon.

Direct exposure to the sun might lead to dehydration, stomach problems, indigestion, or a heat stroke which may lead to higher medical expenses in case precautions are not taken in advance.


Here are a Few Diet Tips for Summer to Help you Stay Fit and Energetic to Survive these Hot and Humid Months:


1. Drink Lots of Water :


One of the foremost summer diet tips is not related to food but the most important constituent that makes more than 90% of our body- water. Make it a point to consume at least 8 glasses of water a day or more. It helps to rehydrate your body and perform vital metabolic functions essential for survival. Avoid ice-cold water and ensure that you drink water at room temperature to avoid the mismatch of temperatures.


2. Eat Seasonal Produce :


The onset of summer brings with it fruits such as melons, mangoes as well as vegetables including gourds, ladyfingers, and cucumbers to name a few. These fruits and vegetables are loaded with all the nutrients that you need for survival in summer. Eating seasonal produce is one of the important summer food tips to follow, instead of reaching out for frozen counterparts or those that are available all-year-round.


3. Reduce your Portion Size :


‘Eat your breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper’, goes a popular saying emphasizing meal portion sizes for a day. In summers, overeating can backfire, especially at night, since it takes longer for food to get digested. Downsizing your meal should be on your agenda as one of the healthy diet tips for summers to help you stay light and refreshed all day long.


4. Keep yourself Cool :


Apart from drinking water regularly, what makes its way on the top of the summer food tips is consuming foods with cooling properties such as curd, rice, mint, cucumber, fennel seeds, and others. Drink a glass of refreshing buttermilk or enjoy a mint lemonade. All these drinks rejuvenate you by bringing down the body heat and helping you stay cool.


5. Say No to Aerated Drinks :


The next time you reach out to that bottle of cold drink with no nutritive value and loads of calories, stop! It is instinctive to guzzle aerated drinks, sodas, and energy drinks that promise to quench your thirst, however, they do little for your health. A glass of seasonal fruit juice such as that of sweet lime or watermelon is packed with vitamins and is one of the summer diet tips you should imbibe.


6. Stay Away from Meat :


Animal fats such as chicken, poultry, and others are known to increase body heat. They also take a longer time to digest in the stomach. One of the healthy diet tips for summer is to eat meat in moderation or to completely avoid it. You can consume eggs or fish if you want to include some protein in your diet occasionally.


7. Junk Food is a No-No :


Fried snacks, pickles, oily and heavy greasy food, can wreak havoc on your digestive system during summers. Eating light and nutritious food and saying goodbye to junk food is one of the diet tips for summer to incorporate into your daily routine. Avoid extremely spicy curries with lots of chilies and sour food as well.


8. Snack Healthy! :


Lazy summer days and no snacking? Well, that is unavoidable. Keep healthy snack options handy such as trail mixes, granola bars, fresh salads, fruit smoothies to satiate your taste buds as well as provide you ample energy. Smart snacking tops the checklist of healthy diet tips for summer, so get smart and take snacking to a nutritious level!


9. Maintain Hygiene :


The summer season is the perfect time for bacterial infections to fester. Apart from all the diet tips for summer, you should also keep in mind that you clean your utensils properly to avoid contact with germs and if eating out, choose places that are known for their clean and hygienic practices to avoid getting sick.


10. Limit your Caffeine Intake :


Consumption of caffeine-rich drinks such as tea and coffee can make you feel dehydrated and hot in the balmy weather. Both of these lead to a reduction in the water content of the body. Instead, load up on tender coconut water, shikanji, or kokum juice to cool your body.




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