10 Things to Consider before Renewing your Health Insurance Policy
Things to consider before renewing your policy

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10 things to consider before renewing your health insurance policy

Max Bupa

18 November 2020

To renew your existing health insurance plan is one of the most important things amidst the rising hospital expenses in the current situation. It could be a critical illness insurance, a family health insurance, or a personal accident insurance - there are several kinds of health insurance plans that can be availed but it is highly important to renew health insurance on time. There are certain factors that need to be considered to renew health insurance. 


Factors to Consider before Renewing Health Insurance Policy -


1. Renew Health insurance Before Due Date

It is essential to renew health insurance policy before the due date. The health insurance premium needs to be paid before the due date. You will lose your continuity benefits if the health insurance premium is not paid even within the 30-day extension period after the deadline. You should opt for an optimal health insurance premium at the time of purchase to ensure that it will always be within your budget. 


2. Compare Health Insurance Plans

Whether it is a personal accident insurance, a family health insurance, or a critical illness insurance - it is suggested to take a look at the policy type before buying health insurance policy. There is a varied range of individual health insurance plans as well as family health insurance plans. It is best to compare health insurance plans and choose a policy type while renewing a plan. 


3. Preserving Receipts

It is also essential to preserve all receipts and inform family members of the health insurance documents – a lot of insurers, including Max Bupa, offer app access to customers which has important details like policy document, hospital network, claim reimbursement submission features and more.


4. Renew Health Insurance - Policy Holder

A change in policy holder or addition of new members in the plan is possible only during the renewal of health insurance plans.


5. Health Insurance Plans and their requirements

There are numerous benefits of a comprehensive health insurance plan. Checking the requirements and other details is important so that one can be updated about additional benefits of health insurance plans that may be available. One can also choose to renew health insurance online and still take a look at the added benefits of health insurance plans available at that point in time. 


6. Terms and Conditions

If one wants to compare health insurance plans, taking a look at the terms and conditions is very important. There may be additional changes at the time of renewal.


7. Portability Of Health Insurance Policy

Just as one can renew health insurance online, one may also switch from one insurance company to another.


8. Super Top-Up Plans

Top-up plans need to be looked at if the insured amount reaches the maximum amount of coverage that is provided by the insurer. There may be different types of top-ups available for individual health insurance plans and family health insurance plans as per the requirements of customers. 


9. Increased Sum

If there is a requirement of increasing the insured sum, it may also be done while renewing the policy.


10. New health Condition

It is best to disclose all new health conditions that the insured may have developed by the time of renewal to be on the safe side. In such cases, there may be options of increasing the insured sum for personal accident insurance or critical illness insurance among other health insurance plans.



Buying health insurance policy comes with the responsibility to renew health insurance policy when it is time. To avoid further hassle, one can easily renew health insurance online. 

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