5 home exercises that will help you stay physically fit #OneStepADay
5 home exercises that will help you stay physically fit

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5 home exercises that will help you stay physically fit #OneStepADay

Max Bupa

25 September 2020

With gyms having their shutters down, you're probably wondering how to meet your fitness goals. However, to stay physically fit, all you need to do is schedule a workout at home. That's right, those fitness goals need not take a backseat at all. Even if you are not a fitness enthusiast, the pandemic has shown us that fitness is now as much a necessity as a health insurance policy.

This is because a good exercise routine can help you steer clear of illness and hospital expenses by building immunity and keeping you resistant to infections. So, devote an hour every day and get ready to release some happy hormones! 

To help you get started, here are five types of exercises that can help you get a full-body workout, right in the space of your home! 

Doctors recommend- 20-45 mins. moderate exercise, three times a week. This may vary with any special conditions or age of the person.

1. Jog– Yes, you can do this at home too by spot jogging for as long as possible. If you want to add a variation, start jogging with your knees lifted as high as possible.

2. Jumping Jacks – This is a great cardio exercise to help you increase your heart-rate. All you have to do is jump and land with your legs apart. Remember though that when the legs go apart, your arms should extend out to the top on each side. Do this at the beginning of your workout, and you will notice your workout getting more effective every day.

3. Burpees – If your aim is to burn fat, you can choose burpees, as they are known to burn 50% more fat than conventional exercises. As a beginner, you might find it difficult and may not even be able to crack it. So, here is a simpler form of the exercise to attempt first-

Pro-tip: Put on a YouTube video to understand the variations of the exercise that you can do safely.

4. Crunches/ Cycling/ Planks – Exercise at home must also include fun challenges to the abs. Crunches are great to keep your abdominal muscle in shape. Begin with 3 and later 5 or 7 sets of 25 repetitions each. Bicycle crunches are also a great variation to add to your routine.

Planks are probably your best for an overall body workout, especially if you are aiming for a toned body. Simply hold your body parallel to the ground balancing it on your elbows and toes. Maintain this position for at least a minute. While it may be difficult for beginners, keep at it and celebrate then win when you can comfortably hold it for a minute.

5. Dead Lifts/ Squats – Want to practice strength training but don't have weights at home? Substitute them with one litre/two-litre water bottles or even duffel bags with your gym shoes or a heavy object inside. Then do the following-

This is good enough to begin with. Also, try to include ten squats daily. If you do this for a month, you will begin to notice the change in your body structure.

Finally, whenever you get a chance, include brisk walking in your schedule but with the precaution of a mask. Not only is this the simplest way to stay active, but the fresh air will also help you feel more energised.

Exercising at home is the best way to stay physically fit. However, it's worth your while to invest in a health insurance policy for any emergencies that may come your way. Especially now, when buying a health insurance policy is just a few clicks away!

You can also explore the health insurance coverage called Corona Kavach, a family health insurance policy specially designed to cover medical expenses against the current Covid 19 pandemic. For more information on Corona Kavach, click here.

With a good exercise regimen and the right health insurance plan, you can put your worries to rest and enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle!



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