5 Important habits you should stick to post-lockdown
5 important habits you should stick to post lockdown

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5 Important habits you should stick to post-lockdown

Max Bupa

24 September 2020

The global notions of safety and precautions have changed drastically this year. While earlier we would only be wary of visibly dirty regions, now everything seems infectious to us. Hence, we had to learn to adapt and stay cautious at all times. However, this pandemic has also left us with habits that we probably should have begun a long time back. So, what are some of the lifestyle habits that will stay relevant even when there isn't a pandemic going on?

Let's find out

Hygiene Always!

Keeping your home and surroundings clean is the most important thing today. And if you have gone out, there are a few healthy habits to follow if you want to ensure that you do not contract an infection.

-Do not walk around the house with outdoor shoes. Keep them in a shoe rack near the door and strictly use them for outdoors only.

-Once done with shoes, follow the strict routine of washing hands with soap for a minute. Use a sanitizer as well.

-It's best to put clothes used for outdoors to wash and change into a fresh set of clothes. Put the mask for a wash as well.

-Sanitize objects periodically that are touched often such as laptops, mobiles, doorknobs etc.

-Avoid dust within your home.

Workout at home

With work from home facilities provided to employees, the hours of work extend beyond regular hours. However, it is important to segregate a specific time to workout at home, as a healthy lifestyle can go a long way in ensuring you stay fit.

For instance, simple on-the-spot jogging can help increase your heart rate and act as a warm-up routine. You can follow this up by stretches and cardio in the form of yoga and some burpees or even just climbing up and down the stairs a few times for a fast and easy workout at home. Alternate this with taking a brisk walk in your neighbourhood or a nearby park for about 40 minutes, and you should be good to go!

Investing in a health insurance plan

If you had been considering buying health insurance, the coronavirus definitely sped up this process for everyone out there. Unlike before, the chances of contracting viruses is much higher, and it makes sense to protect yourself against the financial toll that it might take on you. So, do invest in a health insurance policy. Go for an individual health insurance plan if it's only for you or you can get a family health insurance policy to cover your entire family and offer everyone the same benefits under one premium.

Note: If you already have a policy and want additional coverage for coronavirus, Corona Kavach by Max Bupa is a great choice to look into.

Eating right

Binge eating on junk food, grabbing stale food from the refrigerator has replaced healthy eating habits for decades now—however, its time to change these lifestyle habits for better ones. Of course, that does not mean you sacrifice the fun of munching on a bag of chips while catching a film. But how about slicing juicy carrots and combining them with some delicious dips for your next movie night?

Similarly, if it's the evening and you have work to do, take a break and peel an orange or slice an apple. Love snacking in between? Instead of grabbing that bar of chocolate, try grabbing some nuts. But if you still want that cocoa taste, how about munching on some dark chocolate? It can do wonders to your body and satiate cravings all at once!

The idea is not to deprive yourself but to maintain a healthy lifestyle while movement is restricted. After all, a sedentary lifestyle can creep in if you let it, at a time when staying fit should take the highest precedence.

Mental fitness 

The feeling of isolation or depression can sneak in quite easily during this quarantine period. Thus, it’s important to have friends or family with whom you can share a fitness journey or just exchange notes on lifestyle habits. If you are not comfortable, contact a counsellor with whom you can discuss highs and lows and targets to increase healthy habits to replace mood swings. A healthy lifestyle is not just physical, but should also create a mentally stimulating environment for you to thrive in.

Sometimes, laziness or the assumption that a health insurance plan is in place might tempt you to throw caution to the winds and brave it up by not wearing a mask. However, this will only invite trouble. This especially goes for senior citizens and middle-aged people who are more vulnerable than the young as far as Covid-19 is concerned. However, all age groups must practice wearing masks while outdoors. Staying fit is now not just a personal responsibility but one for our own communities. Our healthy habits can #Insurecare for an entire community at the end of the day