5 Things you didn't know your health insurance plan could cover
5 things you didn't know your HI could cover

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5 Things you didn't know your health insurance plan could cover

Max Bupa

24 August 2020

Health insurance needs in India are rapidly changing in line with the dynamic needs of the people. After all, increased consumer awareness has led to many people looking for benefits other than just the coverage of hospitalisation costs during an emergency.

To conquer this demand, insurance providers have done their part and stepped up to the challenge with new and improved plans for every generation out there. Plans today can offer coverage for hospital accommodation, emergency ambulances and even pharmacy expenses. However, did you know that there are other benefits of your health insurance plan that you can avail, which are not related to hospitalisation?

Here is a list of some additional benefits that insurers like Max Bupa are giving you with health insurance plans today-


1. Coverage for AYUSH treatment

There are an increasing number of people who want to opt for a non-allopathic, holistic treatment through traditional Indian medical systems. Well, your insurance plan has got your back as now you can receive insurance benefits for AYUSH treatments as well, namely- Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy based treatments.

This can be especially beneficial for those who do not have the immunity to handle strong chemical compounds such as young children and senior citizens, as well as patients who have certain medical allergies.

2. GoActive Behavioural Assistance Program

The daily hustle of urban life along with stress which inevitably comes along with it is having a direct impact on the mental health of millions of Indians. To add to the problem, for the longest time, the diagnosis and treatment of mental health well-being were not covered under standard health insurance plans. So, what is the current status on this issue?

New and updated plans today such as Max Bupa's GoActive allows you to receive consultations from an empanelled counsellor for various concerns such as stress management, pre-marital counselling etc. The best part? It is a cashless service and is an integral part of your GoActive health plan.

3. International coverage

Most health insurance plans offer a domiciliary or national coverage depending on the expanse of its hospital network. However, if you have opted for an insurance plan from a global health care provider, you may be able to accrue additional geographical coverage thanks to their vast network.

The Max Bupa Premia and Heartbeat policies, for example, offers cashless coverage in over 190 countries, including treatment for many critical illnesses such as cancer and organ transplant. So if you are someone who frequently shuttles between countries for work or family reasons, having one insurance plan that works across international boundaries can be a huge benefit.

4. Health coverage for a newborn

When buying your health insurance plan for families, you often have to opt for maternity coverage separately so that you do not have to bear those hefty expenses on your own. The cost of hospitalisation, pre and post-natal care can be very high and ends up becoming a huge burden for families. However, did you know that some health insurance plans also cover your newborn baby's health care needs?

For instance, Max Bupa's Heartbeat family floater offers coverage for the newborn baby from day one for a year under the family floater plan for no additional premium.

5. Complimentary health check-ups

Depending on the terms of your health insurance plan, you may be able to get comprehensive health check-up for yourself and your family at no additional cost. In today's times, when a full-body medical for an individual can cost anywhere between Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 depending on your age, location and hospital; this benefit truly comes as a boon.

This is a great value-added service that helps keep your health in check by identifying any underlying issues as soon as possible so that it does not snowball into a major health concern.

Health insurance providers are constantly upgrading and tweaking the scope of their service to accommodate the needs of the policyholders better and provide a well-rounded, holistic coverage in a bid to promote better lifestyle habits. It is important to go through the policy document carefully and stay updated with the changes your insurance provider is offering. Your policy can offer a lot more benefits than you might think, after all. It is recommended to make a note of the scope of coverage and share it with your family members too so that you can maximise the benefits.

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