6 fun-filled ways to celebrate Diwali without crackers

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Max Bupa

10 October 2019

However, along with the fun, Diwali also brings pollution caused by crackers, which fills the air with sulfur dioxide & carbon monoxide among others. This air also seeps into our houses, affecting our health. A sensible approach would be to avoid crackers. But can Diwali be fun without crackers? Here are 6 fun-filled ways to celebrate Diwali without polluting the air.



The markets are filled with different types of Diyas from fancy designer ones to the simple mud diyas. You can be smart and choose between smoke-free diyas from the market or make your own eco-friendly ones at home.



Parties and Celebration go hand in hand, and there isn’t a better occasion than Diwali to meet your near and dear ones, especially the ones you haven’t seen for a while. This Diwali, invite your friends over, catch up with old buddies, play a game of poker, call your relatives, wish them and spread the joy.


Use glitter or colorful papers and fill up balloons. Spend a fun evening bursting them with your friends and family! Get the kids to blow up paper bags and jump on them to create enough noise. This will be a good way to bring in a loud and fun-filled Diwali.



What is better than a box of sweets? Homemade sweets!! Ditch the market sweets and surprise your family by making a yummy dessert for them on your own. Diwali is incomplete without sweets and nothing can be better than a bowl of ras malai, jalebi, gulab jamun or kheer made by your loved ones.



Diwali is all about celebration and decorations. Revamp your house, light it up, decorate doors and windows with flowers, or make a beautiful Rangoli at your entrance to welcome guests. There are plenty of ways to decorate your house this Diwali and give it the festive touch.


Use the money spent on crackers for a noble cause:

People spend thousands of money on crackers, this money can be used to light up life instead. You can buy new clothes and gifts for underprivileged kids and bring a smile on their faces. You can also donate the money in NGOs. Now that you know these cool tips you can easily make your celebrations healthier and merrier! Ditch the crackers and take a step towards better health and a better future. Happy Diwali!


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