Benefits Of Vegetarianism

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Benefits Of Vegetarianism

Max Bupa

15 January 2020


People who avoid eating meat of every kind and who follow a diet based on plants like fruits, vegetables and herbs are called Vegetarians. People adopt a vegetarian lifestyle for myriad reasons, ranging from religious to spiritual, health to environmental, and even ethical or moral concerns. Vegetarian diets can be of various types like:


  • • Ova Vegetarian Diet: A diet that includes egg, but not dairy products
  • • Lacto Vegetarian Diet: A diet that includes dairy products, but not eggs.
  • • Ova-Lacto Vegetarian Diet: This diet includes both dairy products and eggs.
  • • Vegan Diet: This diet does excludes all products obtained from animals like milk, eggs, honey, and others.


Being a vegetarian has far reaching health benefits. It is scientifically proven that diet rich in fruits, vegetables, grains and soy is healthier. Listed below are some major benefits of vegetarianism:


REDUCES RISKS OF CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE: There are enough studies to suggest vegetarianism is better for the heart. Vegetarian diets composed of nutrient-rich fruit, vegetables and whole grains are low in saturated fats prominent in meat. These help in reducing cholesterol levels and controlling blood pressure as well.


CONTROLLING TYPE 2 DIABETES: Vegetarian diets rich in high-fiber whole grains and legumes, are digested slowly and have a low glycemic index, thereby keeping blood sugar levels steady. The complex carbohydrates present in vegetarian diets also helps control diabetes.


REDUCED RISK OF CANCER: It is proven that the immune system of vegetarians, is stronger when it comes to fighting tumors as compared to the immune system of non-vegetarians. A plant based diet is rich in anti-oxidants which provide protection against prostate, skin and colon cancer.


OVERALL HEALTH BENEFITS: Vegetarians have less propensity to obesity than non-vegetarians as their fiber rich diet facilitates better bowel movements. This results in lower levels of toxins in the body with the result that vegetarians are found to fall sick lesser.


MORAL REASONS: Being vegetarian also gives you the satisfaction that no animal was hurt to feed you.


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