Best Healthcare Plans for Senior Citizen Parents

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Best Healthcare Plans for Senior Citizen Parents

Max Bupa

08 January 2020

Family is a source of happiness, and senior citizens are the guiding stars who stand with you through the thick and thin of your life. So would you leave your parents longing for the healthcare needs in their old age? No, in fact, you would want to ensure that your parents get the best medical treatment if they fall ill, and for this, you need a good health insurance.

Till the recent past, it was difficult for the individuals over 65 years of age to get a policy cover. But as per the new guidelines by IRDA, every health insurance provider has to offer plans that have a minimum age of 65 yrs. for entry. The mandate has made insurance companies come with the policies, in particular for the senior citizens. So what are factors that make a senior citizen health insurance the best? Here are some of them:


Age Eligibility


It is a critical factor, as even the best policy features are useless if the senior citizens are not able to buy it because of age eligibility. The best senior citizens health insurance policy is one that comes without any maximum entry age. The best plan offers the longest coverage tenure, allowing entry at any age and a medical cover that goes for a longer period. You have to pay attention to the renewal age as well while buying it, as it’ll ensure that the policy covers your parents until they are alive.


Sum Insured


When going for senior citizen health insurance, you have to consider the frequency of illness and the increased medical costs of surgeries that they may have to undergo. It is better to go with the plan that offers more sum insured. Only then they will be able to get a higher health cover. Max Bupa is an insurer that cares and ensures that you can give the best treatment to your aging parents.


Illnesses Covered


The health insurance policy meant for aged parents has to make sure that it includes a large variety of diseases and medical conditions. Will the policy serve any purpose if it is not able to cover your parents for a particular illness that they might be suffering with? You need to see the details with the advisor before buying one. So the best health insurance for senior citizens is the one that offers maximum coverage with minimum exclusions.


Pre-Existing Conditions

What if your parents already have a medical illness? Will the insurance policy cover them as well? The health insurance policy mentions the waiting period before you can make a claim for the pre-existing medical conditions. It is important, as an aged parent may need a hospitalization for which the insurance company can’t give any claim during this waiting period.




You need to bear in mind the premium per lakh of cover for the policy before buying it. You may have to ask the advisor about how they vary with age so as to ensure that your parent gets the cover until they are alive. To conclude, when you are buying the senior citizen health insurance policy, it is better to go with the one that covers them until the end and ensures quality medical services.


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