Boost your immunity while thinking about your holistic health at the same time
Boost your immunity while looking at health holistically

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Boost your immunity while thinking about your holistic health at the same time

Max Bupa

25 September 2020

 We are in the grips of a pandemic that has affected many lives around the world. However, as months go by and doctors better understand the Covid-19 virus and how it impacts us, the need of the hour is to boost our immunity as much as possible.

Even if you do get infected, those with a healthy immune system are able to fight off the virus with minimal long-term repercussions. Hence, we should do everything in our power to improve our immunity and holistic health during this lockdown.

So, here are six easy ways you can boost your immunity from the comfort of your own home-

Eat right

You are what you eat. Yes, the first step towards boosting your immunity is building healthy eating habits. How the virus affects you depends a lot on your system and its ability to fight back. Thus, to build your immunity, you need to consume a well-balanced diet. Some foods to eat that are immunity boosters include-

- Citrus fruits such as oranges and sweet limes that are high in Vitamin C

- Green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli

- Nuts such as almond and walnuts

- Spices such as turmeric, ginger and garlic

- Dairy products such as milk and yogurt

Drink lots of water

Water is a fuel your body needs to function. Increasing your water consumption will help your body function more efficiently, which is good for your immunity. Keeping yourself hydrated will also keep infection at bay, especially in current times. It will also help your body eliminate any toxins or bacteria that will further increase your immunity.

Exercise everyday

If you want to get closer to achieving more holistic health, exercising regularly is essential as it enhances your physical and mental health. Moderate exercise every day increases blood circulation and the flow of white blood cells, which are the frontliners of your immune system and protect you from diseases. Exercising also prevents bacteria from growing, which helps in fighting infections. You can go for walks while maintaining social distancing or even weight train at home to be more active.

Get adequate sleep

Sleep is crucial when it comes to building immunity. It helps your body and mind rest, and creates antibodies so that you are better equipped to fight infections. Adults today need approximately eight hours of sleep every night to be at their healthiest. However, while getting adequate sleep is critical, sleeping at the right time is vital too. Going to bed early and rising early is the mantra for holistic health and well being.

Relieve your stress

The pandemic has made life tough for everyone, and some find it more difficult to cope with than others. This is why stress levels have constantly risen in the past few months. To maintain a more holistic health, it is important to find time to do something for yourself that makes you happy. It could be relaxing with a book, listening to music, meditating, playing board games with kids, watching a movie or simply spending quality time with your loved ones. Believe us, relieving your stress can do wonders for your immunity and mental health.

Maintain a schedule

Most people have been working from home in the lockdown. Yet, this new way of working has put everyone's routines in disarray. Random sleeping and eating hours are leading to a host of other illnesses now. The lack of physical exercise is also putting people's health at risk and lowering their immunity. So, just as you would have a routine when going to the office, it is essential to plan a day plan that has fixed timings for eating, working, exercising, being with family and sleeping.

A healthy lifestyle is built on habits, but habits take time to change. All you have to do to is take #OneStepADay. To assist you in all your health goals, the Max Bupa Health app allows you to log and track your health and nutritional data, and provides a wealth of information through health, nutrition and fitness articles. Further, it can help you in getting a health insurance policy that will #insurecare and help you recover quicker.

You can also avail e-consultations to stay on top of your health, get cashless diagnostic tests, and even a range of home health care services. So, take charge of your health and start the journey of increasing your immunity and well being today

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