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Buy Cashless Mediclaim Policy Online

Max Bupa

10 April 2019

Costs of healthcare are rising by the day. In today’s world, anyone can fall prey to critical illness, hospitalization, & medical procedures. A health policy can certainly prepare you for these medical emergencies. While buying a cashless mediclaim policy, you need to be sure that, it is enough to cover all the expenses. So what your policy must offer? Let’s take a look:


Does It Offer The Complete Health Cover?

The cashless health insurance policies usually come with three different coverage options viz:

- Daily Benefit

- Surgical Benefit

- Critical Illness Benefit

You need to be sure that whether the policy is offering one, two or all the options so that you can choose from one, two or all the options.


What Is the Daily Benefit?

A good policy offers options for non-ICU and ICU hospitalization. For instance, you have gone for a policy for three years that is offering this benefit then you can go for.


Non-ICU Hospitalization

The policy may offer up to “X” days of hospitalization benefit for non-ICU room.


ICU Hospitalization

The policy may offer up to “Y” days of hospitalization benefit for ICU room.


Fixed Cash Amount

Some policies may even offer a fixed daily cash limit for certain number of days.


Critical Illness Benefit

It is very important to see what the various critical illness benefits are that your policy is providing. Most of the policies provide a certain number of diseases under this benefit. Some of the diseases that may be covered are cancer, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, etc. You need to pay attention to them as they are the very reasons for buying the health insurance policy.


Surgical Benefit

Whether the policy that you are buying is covering surgeries, if its then which are those diseases? Some of the major surgeries that may be covered that are the prosthetic replacement of heart valve, transplantation of the liver and the lung, bone marrow transplant etc. Most of these surgeries are very expensive and you have to ensure that they are covered so they may not end up draining your savings.


So How Can A Policy Provide You The Protection Benefits?

A good health policy can provide you with a wider coverage. You should see what the limit is for the daily health benefit for hospitalization. Some insurers keep at 1 percent of the sum insured per day if you are admitted to the hospital in the non-ICU room. What if you need to be admitted to the ICU room? Some of the insurers would double the sum insured if admitted to an ICU room.

If you are critically ill then you can get up to 100 percent of the sum insured for any of the critical diseases mentioned in the policy document.

If you need to get a surgery then you can get the lump sum benefit of 30 percent, 40 percent, 50 percent or even the 100 percent of the sum assured depending on how the insurer categorizes the surgery.

With Max Bupa Criticare plan you can get 20 critical illnesses covered and you have two benefit options to choose from. In the end, just go ahead and see what suits your budget to get the best cashless medicalim policy for you.

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