Can a Mediclaim Insurance Policy extend cover internationally
Can a Mediclaim Insurance Policy extend cover internationally

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Can a Mediclaim Insurance Policy extend cover internationally?

Max Bupa

25 November 2020

Introduction: Mediclaim Insurance Policy for International Travel 


There are health insurance plans that offer coverage while an individual travels abroad. 

1. You can buy a health insurance plan specifically catered for medical insurance while you’re travelling overseas

2. You can avail travel insurance plans that cover International Travel and combine the benefits of travel insurance and overseas medical insurance

You can also extend your current health insurance policy to allow for coverage while you and your family travel abroad. There are plans that offer overseas Mediclaim policy along with the initial regular health care cover. It is always wise to compare such plans before landing on the one that best suits your needs at the time.


Covers Available with Overseas Health Insurance Plan:


Overseas health insurance will typically offer some basic advantages. These are the benefits of Overseas Health Insurance Plans:


1. Coverage for Medical emergencies and emergency evacuation

2. Coverage for personal accidents

3. Provision of cash to meet emergency medical needs

4. Dental emergencies

5. Some plans may also provide financial support for Repatriation 

Covers such as these are extremely important to ensure as part of one’s overseas medical insurance as numerous situations could arise when one is traveling that require financial assistance. An overseas mediclaim policy is helpful while traveling abroad as it is economically efficient and creates an extra layer of safety for you and your family.


What to look for in Medical Insurance that covers international travel


As mentioned above, travel insurance will cover a number of incidents but also account for the following instances in case they arise:


1. Loss of passport

2. Coverage of changes in hotel reservation

3. Coverage of extra days over and above the planned amount due to political tensions etc.

4. Flight delays

5. Flight cancellations, trip cancellations, rescheduling of trips

As someone who travels often, these covers can be extremely valuable while considering an overseas insurance package. If you’re looking to extend your health insurance for the purposes of travel, remember to compare health insurance plans to find out about details such as health insurance premium before buying a health insurance policy that includes travel.


Why Medical Insurance is Important Overseas? 


These are four reasons one should have health insurance abroad while travelling: 


1. Physical Wellbeing


The risk of falling ill while travelling remains high, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic having created a greater awareness in individuals while stepping out of their homes. Overseas health insurance would provide safety against this by offering to cover treatment expenses.


2. Financial Security


In some countries outside India, medical treatments can be prohibitively expensive. A comprehensive Travel Plan or an overseas health insurance plan can protect your savings in the event that you or your family requires any kind of medical treatment while travelling abroad.


3. Getting a Visa


Most countries would allow an individual to apply for a VISA without having travel insurance, however some countries do not. In these cases, the health insurance plan should be valid and vast enough to prove sufficient in that country. It is however recommended to always have a plan covering you when travelling.



Insurance companies will have offers on special packages that cater to the country that one is travelling to. It is always better to be safe and get a holistic overseas health insurance package that protects you and your family wherever you may be.

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