Cashless Health Insurance for Senior Citizen

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Cashless Health Insurance for Senior Citizen

Max Bupa

04 February 2020


You: Hey Ram (your friend), why are you looking so sad today?


Ram: My father is diagnosed with coronary heart disease and the doctors have recommended an expensive coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG).


You: Isn’t he covered in a senior citizen health policy?


Ram: He always said, I won’t need it and there is no point in paying the premium. So we didn’t go for it.


You: So what will you do?


Ram: I’ll go for a personal loan and will borrow some money from friends and relatives.


You: Ok, go ahead and try & if you need my help do let me know.


Ram: Ok.


You’ll certainly not like to see yourself in the Ram’s place and that’s why medical insurance for senior citizens has gained in importance. Although the need for health policy for young individuals is realized by the insurers most of them have ignored senior citizens until a recent IRDA update said that now insurers can come with the policy for people that are 65 yrs and above


Benefits of Health Insurance for Senior Citizens


Cashless Health Insurance for senior citizens takes care of the health care needs by covering their health risks. Our medical needs start to grow with our age. The senior citizens need regular health check- ups and they need to have a back-up as well to meet out any emergency and this is where a medical insurance for senior citizens ensures that they get the best medical benefit without affecting the finances.


So How Can You Cover Senior Citizens?


There are many insurance companies that provide the benefit of including the parents in your medical insurance policy. Its main benefit is that you can make sure that your parents get the benefit of the total insured sum.


The cost of diagnosis and specialist fees these days is very high, so if you can get a medical insurance plan that covers the family members gives immense financial relief. With a health policy, you can cover the costs of daycare hospitalization even for the surgeries, dialysis, chemotherapy and the heart surgeries.


How Can Max Bupa Policy Help?


This HeartBeat Family first plan offers coverage for up to 19 family members with an individual sum insured for everyone, and a floating sum insured that is accessible to any family member.


It is a comprehensive policy with many advanced features. The policy covers the cost of the hospitalization for you and your family members. One of the key advantages of this policy is that it covers pre-hospitalization expenses up to 60 days. Besides, when you are discharged from the hospital, the policy covers the costs of the treatment up to next 90 days. Further, the medical bills, ambulance charges, hospitalization charges are all taken care of.


Cashless Health Insurance


With the medical insurance for senior citizens, you can also get a cashless hospitalization facility at the network hospitals and hence your finances will be even more secure. It is very important to take into account the experience medical insurance provider who can identify the family's needs and give them the cover that ensures healthy future.


In the end, with a senior citizen health policy (cashless health insurance means no need to pay from your pocket), you can make sure that the needs of your parents are catered without any financial burden and help you avoid any situation that Ram has faced.


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