Difference between Group Health Insurance & Individual Health Insurance Plan
Difference between Group Health Insurance & Individual Health Insurance Plan
Posted On : 30 March 2021, 5 Months Ago. Health-Insurance
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Health insurance is often one of the investment instruments that are first recommended to people when they join the workforce. However, buying health insurance plans can often seem difficult, owing to the vast plethora of options available out there. From choosing between group insurance vs individual insurance, to choosing the kind of riders you want to add to an existing health insurance policy, the process can often become overwhelming.

The benefits of health insurance are enormous, especially considering the rising costs of inflation as well as healthcare. Hospitalization expenses are one of the largest costs associated with medical treatment, and the best health insurance plans usually enable policyholders to meet these expenses without burning a hole in their own pocket during emergencies.

The difference between group insurance and individual insurance is often one of the first distinctions you will be required to make while buying health insurance plans. The difference between group and individual health insurance policies lies in the number of people they cover. Essentially while trying to assess the difference between individual and group insurance, it is first necessary to identify whom the policy is intended to cover.

Group insurance is usually provided by an organization to its employees. As an employee, you are often entitled to the group insurance plan that your company has subscribed to. However, if the coverage you receive under it is not sufficient to meet your needs, it is best to look around for an individual insurance plan that more adequately meets your requirements.

In terms of group insurance vs individual insurance, a policyholder must opt for the latter if they intend to have coverage just for themselves. While this is the most striking difference between the two, there are several other points that arise when the discussion turns to group vs individual insurance.


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1. Duration of Policy

The biggest difference between group and individual health insurance plans are the duration of policy for which policyholders receive coverage. Since group coverage is mostly facilitated owing to the terms of employment, the coverage it offers ceases to exist if the employment is terminated. This is regardless of whether the employee chooses to leave or is terminated. However, with an individual health insurance policy, you can customize it for the period of time you want it for.

2. Coverage

The best feature of individual health insurance plans are how widely they can be customized to enhance your coverage. Many riders and add-ons are available in the market, which allow you to reap several more benefits from your insurance policy. You can avail protection against specific diseases or earn more enhanced coverage. With a group insurance plan though, the benefits are uniform for all the employees and everybody gets the same plan with the same level of coverage and benefits.

3. Premiums

The manner in which premiums for insurance policies are paid also form a point of difference between individual and group insurance. For a group insurance policy, since it is facilitated by the company, the premiums are deducted from the salary itself, and show up as an item on the employee’s payslip. However, with an individual healthcare policy, you can decide the frequency of payments as well as the amount you wish to pay as premiums.

4. Medical Check-Ups

When you are buying health insurance plans for yourself, you might often be asked to undergo a medical check-up so that the insurer can assess your fitness and health conditions and thereby, quote a premium figure. However, with a group insurance plan, since the company is getting it for a number of employees, there is no need for getting a medical check-up.




As seen above, it is important to know the difference between group health insurance and individual health insurance plans. Picking a plan that suits your specific needs is important and hence, is it advisable to keep the above points in mind.

Considering the number of options available in the market today, it can often feel quite difficult to decide on the ideal plan for yourself. However, insurers like Max Bupa offer a range of individual health plans, such as Health Companion health insurance plan, among others, which can often be the best choice you make for your protection. The insurer offers a range of policies targeted at different kinds of policyholders, and each of them can be customized as per the needs of the policyholder.

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