Coronavirus and diabetes: Everything you need to know
Coronavirus and diabetes= everything you need to know

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Coronavirus and diabetes: Everything you need to know

Max Bupa

21 August 2020

If you have ever known a person with diabetes or have it yourself, you know that your immune system is compromised, which makes you more vulnerable to infections, viruses and other diseases. Unfortunately, this also stands true for coronavirus. Most health insurance plans do not cover diabetes from day 1, and have long waiting period before it offers to cover your pre-existing conditions. Thankfully, the Corona Kavach health insurance plan covers pre-existing diseases after the initial waiting period of 15 days.

It's essential that we make it clear that a diabetic is not more vulnerable against the coronavirus. Instead, it means that if you were to contract the virus, the impact of the virus and the complications you'd face would be far more severe than for someone who doesn't have diabetes. Hence, we urge you to simply follow the guidelines in place and do a few other things to keep yourself in the best shape, and ensure that your health is covered by a health insurance plan which offers to cover your pre-existing conditions.

How to Increase Immunity against Coronavirus?


Let's find out how to increase immunity against corona during the pandemic-

1. Follow all basic precautions

Whether you're diabetic or not, it's essential to follow all the basic precautionary steps that are common for everyone. This includes social distancing, washing your hands with soap and water, disinfecting your home and belongings, wearing a mask in public places, etc. Washing your hands frequently, even if they are not visibly dirty is also essential. But on top of that, always remember to wash your hands before giving yourself an insulin shot. However, we would recommend to completely limit going outside if you have someone to get essentials for you.

2. Stay hydrated and eat well

This one again goes for everyone, but especially for diabetics. Fighting against this virus is all about building your immunity, and diet forms the largest part of it. It's essential that you drink a lot of water and fluids and eat healthily. As a diabetic, your regular diet may be slightly different from others, and you need to continue maintaining that. You shouldn't change your diet suddenly unless asked by your doctor.

3. Monitor your blood glucose

7 Foods to keep your blood glucose in check:

1.      Fish

2.      Garlic

3.      Leafy greens

4.      Almonds

5.      Whole grains

6.      Eggs

7.      Coffee

It's recommended that you test your blood glucose every few hours. You should also keep a check on your weight since losing weight despite eating normally is usually a sign of high blood glucose. If you take insulin, it's also important to monitor your ketone bodies.

Pro-tip: Ensure that you have enough insulin for a few weeks in case it is not accessible for any reason.

4. Check your temperature regularly

During the coronavirus pandemic, it's important for everyone to check their temperature for a fever. This is all the more essential for diabetics. A fever is a symptom of coronavirus. You should remember to continue taking your diabetes medication as usual and continue with your insulin treatment even if you fall ill. It's also essential to seek medical assistance if you suspect you have contracted the virus.

5. Contact your healthcare professional

There are a number of things you need to discuss with your doctor at a time like this, such as adjusting medicine dosage, ideal insulin levels, the frequency of checking blood sugar and ketone levels, etc. Your doctor will best be able to guide you on what changes you need to make and precautions you should follow during coronavirus. You can discuss these things over a phone call since it's best to stay away from hospitals and clinics and put yourself in a vulnerable position. Many doctors are also available over video conferencing nowadays. Hence, make sure to have your emergency contacts handy at all times.

Note: This is where your health insurance plan can also come in handy. For instance, Max Bupa provides teleconsultation as a service and also covers you for both diabetes and Covid-19 treatment. You can check out plans by Max Bupa here.

If you continue taking all the necessary precautions, you have nothing to worry about. It's also important to note that you should not stress too much or worry yourself sick. Your mental health can also impact your physical health as a diabetic, and you surely want to avoid that.



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