Factors to Consider before Buying Health Insurance for Women | Max Bupa
Factors to consider before buying health insurance for women

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Factors to Consider before Buying Health Insurance for Women | Max Bupa

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10 November 2020

International Women’s Day is observed on March 8 globally to celebrate the manifold achievements of women - be it social, economic, political or cultural. The theme of Women’s Day in 2020 was ‘Each for Equal’, implying each one of us is responsible for creating a gender equal world. But equality for women is not restricted to a single day. In the last few years, women have challenged stereotypes, broadened perceptions and now are at par with their male counterparts. Women have also become self-dependent and equal breadwinners for their families. Along with taking viable financial decisions, women are now a force to reckon with, when it comes to creating a robust investment portfolio.
But, despite these stupendous achievements, women’s health insurance coverage still remains low. Women tend to either overlook or ignore the importance of health insurance because of their professional and personal commitments. Women are also more prone to certain types of women-specific diseases like breast and ovarian cancer, especially after the age of 40. Besides, they also require reproductive care. This makes health insurance indispensable for women.


Here is a list of the key factors to consider before you buy health insurance for women: 


1. Health is Wealth : 

When you compare health insurance plans , you must always choose a health insurance plan, which provides women coverage for a wide range of diseases/conditions. This becomes especially important, considering the existing health issues in women. You might come across some basic health plans - providing coverage for minor ailments - at cheaper premiums. But these basic plans, in the long run, would prove to be inadequate. In the case of being diagnosed with a critical illness, or in the scenario of an unexpected medical emergency, a basic plan can result in a financial crisis. So, always opt for women’s health insurance with adequate coverage. The bottom line: never compromise on your health by the sole consideration of saving money through cheap health insurance premiums.


2. Prefer an Individual Women’s Insurance Policy vs Corporate Health Insurance: 

If you are a working professional, then your organisation would have provided you with a group health insurance policy. In such a case, you might not consider availing an individual health insurance policy. This, however, is not the correct approach. It is always advisable to buy an individual health policy as the validity of your group health plan is contingent upon your employment. Once you leave the organisation, switch jobs, or retire, the existing corporate policy would lapse. On the other hand, the personal insurance policy will be valid as long as you pay regular health insurance premiums. Besides, it will provide comprehensive coverage. 


3. Consider Medical Inflation : 

According to data from the Central Statistical Organisation (CSO), India’s healthcare inflation has increased at double the rate of retail inflation. Health experts predict that the medical costs, including expenses incurred in hospitalisation and medical bills can further increase exponentially in future. With rising hospital expenses, it makes sense to buy health insurance for women, and ensure financial safety.


4. Buying Early is a Bright Decision : 

Buying health insurance policy at an early age can provide women with manifold benefits, like lower health insurance premiums. According to market experts, the right age for health insurance is when you are young and healthy. As you start ageing, especially after 40, you might face several health issues in women, including lifestyle diseases. As a result, availing women’s health insurance coverage at a later life-stage can result in expensive health insurance premiums. Having pre-existing medical conditions also results in a longer waiting period.


5. Hope for the Best and Prepare for the Worst : 

With rising cases of health issues in women, it becomes imperative for all women - be it working professionals or homemakers - to follow a healthy lifestyle. To prevent diseases, like obesity and diabetes, daily workout for housewives is a must. Both working women and homemakers should also endeavour to follow a healthy diet. To prevent health issues, women can engage in physical activities of their choice, like running and power walking. But despite following an active lifestyle, women should remain prepared for unforeseen medical emergencies. This is exactly where the importance of a health insurance policy comes to the fore. Women can rest assured that even if there is an unexpected health issue, the women’s insurance policy will take care of the medical expenses.


6. Look for Specific Benefits of Health Insurance Plans : 

Before availing a comprehensive health insurance coverage, women should look for categorical benefits, like maternity expenses cover, including delivery costs and postnatal expenses cover along with financial cover for women-specific diseases, like ovarian cancer, breast cancer, PCOS and so on. You must also consider availing health insurance with additional features, like critical illness insurance and personal accident cover. If you are planning to have a baby in the next 2-3 years, look for a plan with a minimum waiting period. You can also consider plans, which covers congenital disability of a new-born baby. 



Now that you know about the features and benefits of a health insurance plan for women, you should remember to choose only the best health insurance policies. You can choose a reliable and trusted insurer such as Max Bupa, which can provide you with multiple benefits, like 30-minutes cashless claims processing, pan-India network of over 5,000 hospitals, hospitalisation cover against Covid-19 and annual health check-ups.


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