Health Insurance plans for women in India
Health Insurance plans for women in India

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Health Insurance plans for women in India

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10 November 2020

A recent survey shows that out of a test group of 1009 women, only 39% of the group was covered under a health insurance plan. Additionally, out of this 39%, only 17% were covered under health insurance policies provided by their workplace, while the remaining 22% had purchased a health insurance plan for themselves.

Health insurance is an essential requirement for any individual, especially given how quickly the medical expenses are growing. Though, compared to other countries, women’s health insurance in India is lacking, this is less a problem of availability, and more a problem of accessibility. There are a number of women’s health insurance policies and extensive coverage policies, designed to help insure a greater number of women is a step in the right direction.  


Women’s Health Insurance in India

There are a multitude of options when it comes to buying a health insurance policy in India. Most health insurance policies provide coverage against a number of illnesses ranging from breast cancer to cardiac ailments, and have coverage varying from anywhere between Rs 5 lakh cover to cover of over Rs 3 crores. Therefore one would benefit if they were to compare health insurance plans before buying a health insurance policy

Health insurance for women is targeted at providing comprehensive women’s health insurance, with covers ranging from health issues in women to lifestyle and health management.


Key highlights to look for while purchasing Health Insurance Plan for Women


1. Infertility and Maternity Cover:

For women who are already mothers or are looking to start a family, it is essential that the health insurance policy provides maternity cover, as it is likely to be a considerable expense. 


2. Waiting Period :

As with any health insurance policy, it is essential to check the waiting period, as a short waiting period is an added benefit of health insurance plans


3. Limits and Sub-Limits:

These are hidden charges that are generally not preferred by insurance buyers, as they do not reveal the extra charges and limits and can prove to be costly in the event of a medical emergency, even though one might expect to be covered by their health insurance plan. Generally, little to no limit and/or sub limits are a sign of a trustworthy insurance policy. 


4. Network of Hospitals:

It is essential to ensure that your insurance provider provides their services in hospitals you frequent or are likely to visit, or those that cater to specific health issues in women. 


5. Value Added Services :

In addition to the medical cover, women’s health insurance in India is also likely to provide additional benefits to customers, such as routine check-ups or additional cover against certain illnesses for a given term. 



Women’s health insurance in India is a priority. In addition to the plethora of benefits of better healthcare for the population and benefits of health insurance plans, health insurance for women would allow and encourage a number of women to pursue their education and seek employment and start careers without worrying about healthcare expenses. 

Now, individuals can easily access and compare health insurance plans as well as health insurance premiums online, determining the right age for health insurance and allowing them to be more confident while buying health insurance policy.


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