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Why You Should Buy Health Insurance in Your 20s?

A good health insurance plan is one of the first investments you must make to get financial coverage. Read the article to know why you should buy a health insurance policy in your 20s.

Why You Should Buy Health Insurance in Your 20s?

A good health insurance plan is one of the first investments you must make to get financial coverage. Read the article to know why you should buy a health insurance policy in your 20s.

What is the Meaning of Copay in Health Insurance?

Copay in health insurance was introduced to reduce incidences of fraudulent insurance claims by distributing the risk between the insurer and the policyholder. Read more about it here.

Understand sub-limit in your health insurance policy

This article explains what a sub-limit in health insurance policies is, and things to look for in the sub-limits of your policy of choice. Click here to read the article now.

Why do Family Floater Policies Offer you More for Less

If you are thinking of purchasing health insurance for all members of your family, a family floater plan might work out to be more economical and beneficial.

How Can You Save Taxes with Your Medical Bills?

Medical expenses have been increasing by the day. Max Bupa’s health insurance policy starts with a nominal premium and provides a multitude of options to claim medical expenses.

Importance of buying health insurance plan for women

Women’s health is an untapped space when it comes to covering medical expenses. This article explains why it is essential for every woman to sign up for a health insurance policy in India.

What is Cashless Hospitalization?

Say goodbye to all your worries about arranging money at the last minute of health emergency, with cashless insurance. Read on to know more.

How to Deal with a Bad Health Insurance Plan?

The article discusses what constitutes a bad health insurance plan and how to avoid getting a bad health insurance plan. Read to know about how to deal with a bad health insurance plan.

Reasons to Buy Health Insurance Policy Online

Buying health insurance online can prove to be more helpful as it allows the ability to compare and provides 24/7 support. Read the article & know about the different reasons to buy a health insurance policy online.

Health Insurance for Physically & Mentally Disabled People

Health insurance can be availed in different ways by physically & mentally disabled people. Know about health insurance plans offered by the government for physical & mentally disabled people.

Difference between Group Health Insurance & Individual Health Insurance Plan

Depending on the number of people you intend to cover with your health insurance policy, make a choice between group health insurance and individual health insurance plan. Read to know more.

How Does a Health Insurance Card Benefit You?

With a health insurance card, you can immediately pay for the hospitalization expenses without any hassles. Read the article to know more about the benefits of health insurance cards in India.

Why You Should Timely Re-Evaluate Your Family Health Insurance Plan?

Re-evaluate family health insurance plans & stay well-informed about latest market offerings. Read the article & know more about how to re-evaluate family health insurance plans.

How & Why Network Hospitals Play an Important Role in Health Insurance?

Network hospitals are akin to a cashless hospital that plays a key role in providing quality healthcare. Understand how & why network hospitals play an important role in health insurance.

How to Choose between Critical Illness Plan & Disease Specific Insurance Plans?

It is crucial to choose between critical illness insurance and disease specific insurance plan based on your needs and health status. Read this article to know how you can make the right choice.

Section 80D Deductions: How to Save Tax Under Section 80D

This article breaks down the tax savings offered under section 80D of the IT act, and how you can maximise your savings under this tax deduction. Click here to read more.

How Can a Critical Illness Insurance Plan Back You Up at the Time of Crisis?

At the time of crisis, avail a critical illness insurance plan & protect yourself against critical illnesses like cancer, stroke, heart attack. Know more about the benefits of critical illness insurance plan.

Can you Buy Health Insurance for a New-Born Baby?

In today’s time, it has become important to buy health insurance for your newborn baby. But can you buy health insurance plan for newborn baby? Read the article to know the answer.

What is the Age Limit to Buy Health Insurance for Parents?

Nowadays, it is important to buy a health insurance policy for your parents. But, the question is till what age you could buy the plan? Click here to know the age limit to buy health insurance for your parents.

Why is Having an Individual Health Insurance Plan Important?

An individual health insurance policy protects the policyholder for medical expenses. Click here to read why it is important to have an individual health insurance plan in India.

Why is Buying Family Health Insurance So Important Nowadays?

For many people, having a health insurance plan for family has become a priority. Read the article and understand why is buying a family health insurance plan so important nowadays.

What are the Risks of Not Having a Health Insurance Policy?

In the event of a medical emergency, health insurance policy is the best financial support you may rely on. Read the article to know about the risks of not having a health insurance policy in India.

How Health Insurance Can Reduce your Father’s Financial Stress?

Health insurance plan helps in reducing your financial burden at times of financial crisis. It helps you in reducing your father’s financial stress as well. Click here to read more about it.

What Are The Reasons For The Increase In Medical Expenses In India?

Medical expenses are increasing day by day & there are many factors that are influencing that cost. Click here to know about the reasons, which are resulting into increasing the medical expenses in India.

Benefits of Family Floater Health Insurance Plans in India

Understand the various benefits offered by a family floater health insurance policy & know who should buy it in India. Click here to continue reading about it.

How to Choose the Right Health Insurance Policy for Employees?

Picking the right health insurance for employees is crucial to keep their financial & health goals align. Read the article to know how to choose the right health insurance policy for your employees.

How to Choose Health Insurance for a Single Parent?

Single parent health insurance comes up with many financial benefits for both the parent & the child. Click here to know, how to choose the best health insurance for single parent in India.

How Does Yoga Help in Lowering your Health Insurance Costs?

There are numerous health benefits of doing yoga. The article has explained how yoga can also help you in lowering your health insurance cost. Click here to know more.

Choosing the Best Family Floater Health Insurance Plans in India

While choosing a family floater health insurance plan in India, one must perform comprehensive research about the plan’s features and benefits. Click here to read more about it.

Effects of Union Budget 2021 on Health Insurance

The Union Budget 2021 has affected different sectors this year. Here is how it has affected the expectations of the health insurance sector specifically. Click to read more.

Know All About Arogya Sanjeevani Health Insurance Policy

The Aarogya Sanjeevani Policy is a basic health insurance policy for individuals and families that covers basic hospitalization expenses up to Rs 5 lakh. Click here to read more about it.

10 Things to Know About Mediclaim Policy

This article discusses 10 facts about mediclaim policies that could help you make a better decision while buying a mediclaim insurance in India. Click here to know the details.

Why is it Important to Read Health Insurance Terms & Conditions Before Finalizing?

Reading terms & conditions might be boring, but it is very crucial also. Click here to know why it is vital to read the terms & conditions thoroughly before you finalize health insurance policy.

When is the Right Time to Buy a Health Insurance Policy in India?

Invest in a health insurance policy as it protects you in times of medical emergencies. Read the article & know when you should invest in a health insurance policy in India.

What Makes Health Insurance one of the Most Important Covers to Buy in 2021?

A resolution for all of us in 2021 should be to financially prepare by buying health insurance plan online. Click here to know what makes health insurance an important policy to buy in 2021.

What is the Role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Health Insurance?

The AI technology has been making things faster and easier for many of us. Read to know how artificial intelligence has an impact on the health insurance industry now.

What is covered and not covered under mediclaim policy
What is Covered & Not Covered Under Mediclaim Policy?

Before choosing a mediclaim insurance policy, it is important to know what is covered and what is not. This article explains, what has covered & not covered under a mediclaim policy in India.

How to get a covid vaccine
How to Get a Covid Vaccine?

Since the vaccine has been rolled out for the public, people are confused about how to get the COVID vaccine. Read the article to know, how you can also get this COVID-19 vaccine in India.

What is a Super Top-Up Health Insurance Plan
What is a Super Top-Up Health Insurance Plan?

What are super top up health policies and what benefits do they offer over regular health insurance policies? Click here to know all about super top up health insurance plans in India.

What is Restore Refill Benefit in Health Insurance and How Does It Work
What is Restore/Refill Benefit in Health Insurance & How Does It Work?

If you want to know all about the restore/refill benefits in health insurance and read how it works, then click here to read this article about it.

What is Recharge Benefit in a Health Insurance Plan
What is Recharge Benefit in a Health Insurance Plan?

The recharge benefit in a health insurance plan is often the best way to ensure that you are never unprepared in case a medical emergency crops up unexpectedly. Click here to know more.

Important Changes to Make in your Health Insurance Policy after Marriage

To have a secure future for you and your spouse, it is vital to make important changes in your health insurance policy after marriage. Read to know more about it.

Factors to Consider While Comparing Critical Illness Insurance Plans in India

Comparing & buying a critical illness plan is not easy. This article tells the various components of a critical illness insurance plan and what you should look out for while comparing them.

Why to Buy Health Insurance And Critical Illness Insurance Separately

Many assume either a health insurance plan or critical illness insurance policy is enough of a cover. However, it is imminent to equip yourself with both and here is why.

Myths And Facts About Critical Illness Insurance Plans

Myths and facts related to critical illness insurance plans have always been present. Read further to know which are the myths and which are the facts.

Is it a Good Idea to Buy Health Insurance on EMI?

Buying health insurance on an EMI is a smart way of gaining higher health insurance coverage and quality treatment for your medical needs. Click here to know more about it.

Difference between Incurred Claim Ratio and Claim Settlement Ratio

Understanding the difference between incurred claim ratio and claim settlement ratio is key to knowing which insurance company is best suited for your health insurance needs. Click to know more.

why you should care about rising hospitalisation cost in India
5 Things to Check Before Health Insurance Renewal

Renewing health insurance is important as it allows the policyholder to receive continued benefits. Before renewing your health insurance, read about 5 things that you should check.

7 Ways to Smartly Save on Health Insurance Policy

Looking to save more, while keeping your health secure? Here are 7 different ways in which you can save money when buying a health insurance policy. Click to know more.

Can NRIs Buy Health Insurance Policy for their Parents Living in India?

NRIs can buy a health insurance policy for your parents living in India. NRIs can either buy an individual or senior citizen health insurance policy. Click here to read the details.

How Does Gender Affect Health Insurance Premiums in India?

Do you know that your gender can affect your health insurance premium in India? Read the article to know how does your gender affects health insurance premiums.

How to Enhance your Existing Health Insurance Plan?

Your present health insurance might not be sufficient to take care of your future healthcare needs. So, click here to know how to enhance your existing health insurance plan & get more benefits.

How to Get Free Medical Checkups Under your Health Insurance Policy?

This article explains how to avail free medical checkup as part of your health insurance policy and things to look out for. Click here to read more about it.

How to Improve your Health Insurance Cover with 5 Add-On Covers?

What are the different types of health insurance add-ons you can choose from? Read the article and know about 5 add-on covers that can help you in improving your health insurance cover.

Why Medical Test is Important While Buying Health Insurance Policy?

Undergoing a medical test, before buying a health insurance policy can prove advantages in the long run. Click here to know further, why medical tests are important while buying health insurance.

Factors to consider before buying health insurance for women
Factors to Consider before Buying Health Insurance for Women | Max Bupa

Buying Health Insurance for a woman is an important decision. Read these factors to be considered before buying a Women’s Health Insurance Policy in India to choose the best one.

Top 5 Benefits of Buying Health Insurance for Women
Top 5 Benefits of Buying Health Insurance for Women

It is important for women to buy Health Insurance Policy in India. Understand the top benefits of Women’s Health Insurance & how it has become an essential requirement in recent times.

Things you need to know about HI portability
Things you need to know about Health Insurance portability in India

If you are not satisfied with the plan that you had opted for and want to switch health insurance providers, health policy portability allows you to choose a different insurer without losing out on the benefits accrued from the current insurer.

Benefits of group health insurance policy in India
Benefits of a Group Health Insurance Policy in India

A Group Health Insurance Policy provides many benefits to both employees and the employer. Read this article to know about all the advantages of Group Health Insurance Policy in India.

How to Pick the Right Health Insurance Plan for ParentsSenior Citizens
How to Pick the Right Health Insurance Plan for Parents/Senior Citizens

Read this article to know about Senior Citizen Mediclaim policies, and ways to ensure that you are choosing the best Health Insurance Policy for your Parents or Senior Citizen family member.

What is health insurance
How to Calculate Claim Ratio in Health Insurance?

The importance of buying a comprehensive health insurance plan is pretty clear in 2020. With enhanced features and dozens of insurers to choose from, consumers are now spoilt for choices. Comparing health insurance plans is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for today’s consumer. To simplify this process, insurers have developed parameters to compare health insurance plans against. One such parameter is known as the ‘Health insurance claim ratio,’ or simply ‘claim settlement ratio (CSR).’ What is this parameter and how can it help?


176%! Yes, that’s the increase in medical expenditure per hospitalization between 2004 and 2014 for urban patients. What’s even more staggering? 80% of the Indian population is still not covered by health insurance. Though the data is alarming, you could take corrective action from today. That’s by choosing a health insurance policy for you. Before you read the following tips to find yourself the best insurance, calculate your premium right now.

Life's unpredictable,get a personal accident insurance policy

Accident by definition is an unfortunate incident that happens by chance and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury. The bottom line is that no one goes looking for an accident, it just happens. What’s important is to safeguard you and your family in case you do meet with one. How do you that? Simple, with a personal accident insurance.

Factors that can impact your health insurance premium

How can I get maximum coverage? Will it cover my family? Which insurance plan to go for? Is it going to be cashless?


Can you believe it? You might finish this article in the next 4 minutes and one person might lose his life. Yes, we are talking about a chilling statistic about the state-of-affairs in our country when it comes to accidents. Now just imagine the figure of other accidental deaths or injuries, which happen every day. That itself should be a major reason why should always be prepared with an accident insurance care plan.

Booked movie tickets for the family How about a health insurance

We all talk about the general food inflation but there’s another inflation that we ought to look into seriously. In fact, here are some figures to prove that health insurance is not on a high priority list for Indians The general inflation rate is 5 to 6 % while medical inflation rate is 15%. Only 18 percent of urban Indians have health insurance coverage. That figure goes down to only 14.1 percent for people in rural areas

How to Choose Best Health Insurance?

Healthcare insurance is an essential aid in today’s world where medical care costs are rising steeply with every passing day. A medical crisis like accident, critical illness or sickness can result in extended hospital stay that can leave you in a serious financial setback unless you have a comprehensive healthcare policy which can take care of your medical expenses.

how to choose family health insurance plan
How To Choose Family Health Insurance Plan?

Keeping in mind the rising medical costs it is necessary for every individual to have a healthcare insurance. One can be affected by a medical emergency anytime and anywhere, leaving an individual emotionally shattered and financially crushed. Having said that, emotional loss is something that can never be compensated, but for the monetary losses during a medical emergency a health insurance can definitely be a savior.

Buying health insurance Keep these things in mind

Health insurance is a must in this day and age. Especially, with skyrocketing medical inflation cost, rising illnesses and our unhealthy lifestyle. The problem lies in choosing the right health insurance plan for us. Here’s what you need to consider before buying an insurance plan:


Rising healthcare inflation is a reality. And so is the rise in lifestyle diseases amongst the young and old. You need to be prepared for medical emergencies at any given stage in life. How can you do that? Simple, just buy a health insurance policy, which protects both your health and pocket, at the time of medical emergency or mishap.


At the time of medical emergency, we understand that convenience is your only priority. You want to focus on taking care of your loved ones rather than run around for claim. At Max Bupa, we are there for you to ensure that claims are processed as quickly as possible.

Boost the ‘Health’ of your investment portfolio with the right Health Insurance plan

As we step into the new fiscal, most of us commence our annual tax planning regime. But how many of us really consider ‘Health Insurance’ as an important aspect of a personal investment portfolio?


Terms and conditions apply. Isn’t that what we all normally read on most insurance documents including health insurance? Let’s simplify it and tell you the health insurance terms that truly matter and what you need to watch out for:


Think of a non-metro or semi-urban area. What is the first association you make? Probably fewer commercial buildings, lower living expenses, affordable housing and less pollution. According to UN’s World Urbanization Prospects 2018 report, only 34% of India’s population lives in urban areas. That means a large chunk still resides in non-metro cities and small towns. In non-metros, people’s major healthcare concern are expenses that come along in case of hospitalization; and since 82% of people are not insured by a health insurance policy, they have to pay cash upfront at hospitals or clinics. A sudden cash requirement can put your future plans in jeopardy. A health insurance policy can help you avoid hospitalization expenses for a small sum. Don’t believe us? You can calculate the premium yourself.

Buying a smart device? How about buying a health insurance policy smartly?

In the age of smart phones, tablets and devices, we are ready to spend thousands to keep up with the times. Not many are realizing that medical costs are rising and how! Sadly, we are not concerned to spend our money on a health insurance policy. Think about it, it can end up saving your hospital bills and ultimately your life too. All it takes is a small little premium every month or year.

Keep your organisation in great shape

They say employees are the greatest assets of your organization. Therefore, it becomes all the more reason to take care of them and their health as it keeps them motivated and productive. That’s exactly why a lot of companies are opting for group medical insurance in India today. So, what’s a group health insurance? A group health insurance is designed to provide coverage to employees or members of an organization or employer. They have numerous benefits especially if you are employed with an organization. Here are a few of them:

What is group health insurance  plan
What is group health insurance plan?

A group insurance plan offers a health insurance cover to a specified group of people. This group may be a co-operative society, employees of an organisation, members of a professional organisation/ club, etc.

What are the benefits of an individual health insurance plan
What are the benefits of an individual health insurance plan?

An individual health insurance plan covers a single person/ policyholder and offers them financial protection during health emergencies. The benefits extend to hospitalisation coverage, OPD coverage and even room rent.

terms to know before purchasing HI
Terms to know about before buying a health insurance policy

When investing in any insurance plan, it is essential to get familiar with some of the terms most commonly associated with it. This way, you can stay on top of the benefits you are set to receive and will not end up being overwhelmed by all the paperwork.

Health insurance regulations every policyholder must know about
Health insurance regulations every policyholder must know about

Despite the increasing awareness regarding the benefits of getting a health insurance plan, many people still end up picking health insurance policies for family and self without completely understanding the concept. To help you out in this process, here are some common health insurance regulations you should be aware of

What is Critical Illness Cover
What is a critical illness insurance cover?

A critical illness cover takes care of your financial burdens in the event of a serious ailment. Your insurance provider gives you a lumpsum amount which can be used to cover expenses for your diagnosis, doctor visits, medical expenses and hospitalisation as well.

What is maternity benefit
What is maternity benefit?

We're here to breakdown the basics of a maternity insurance plan for you today.

9 Questions to ask before buying your Health Insurance Plan
9 questions to ask before buying your first health insurance plan

Health insurance's meaning is not the only issue that confuses people. Yet, many people go in for health insurance without being totally clear on what they are signing up for.

How to choose the cheapest health insurance plan
How to choose the cheapest health insurance plan in India?

Why is it that despite a plethora of health insurance plans available in India, there is a meager percentage of the Indian population that is insured? Let's try and understand more about buying a health insurance plan in India for starters.

6 things to remember before buying a cancer insurance plan in india
6 things to remember before buying a cancer insurance plan in India

Did you know that the cases of cancer in India doubled up in just 26 years, with over 14 lakh reported cancer patients in 2016? What's worse is that the number is only increasing and we are at more risk today than ever before. Research also shows that while most cancers are treatable with high success rates, India still falls back because most people don't find it affordable and accessible.

What are the benefits of family health insurance plan
What are the benefits of a family health insurance plan?

If there is one thing that we can all agree on, it is that we would do anything for family. Any problem to a family member affects everybody and considering the rising cost of healthcare expenses in India, dealing with a medical emergency without a health insurance plan can be financially crippling. Thus, if you want to secure your peace of mind and a healthy future for all members, a family health insurance plan is an excellent investment.

How health insurance plan works in India
How health insurance plan works in India?

Did you know that in just one year, over 5.5 crore people were driven into poverty in India because of medical bills? In fact, it is one of the biggest reasons for bankruptcy around the world. Even the smallest of health issues can cost you tens of thousands of rupees, and if it ends up being severe, it can set you back by lakhs.

What is personal accident cover
All You Need to Know About Personal Accident Cover

It is common nowadays for your insurance provider to give you the option of add-ons for you’re the full benefits of opting for an additional benefit with their plan. All you need to do is ask your insurance provider for the same while buying/renewing your policy.

5 things you didn't know your HI could cover
5 Things you didn't know your health insurance plan could cover

Health insurance needs in India are rapidly changing in line with the dynamic needs of the people. After all, increased consumer awareness has led to many people looking for benefits other than just the coverage of hospitalisation costs during an emergency.

Tips to buy best health insurance for coronavirus
Tips to Buy the Best Health Insurance Policy for Coronavirus

Having some sort of health insurance is no longer just a ‘good-to-have’ element in your financial plan; it is a ‘must-have’. As Covid-19 numbers rise, it is pertinent to ensure that you look at some tips to buy a health insurance plan that ensures you and your loved ones have financial security.

How to Protect Your Parents or Elderly People from Coronavirus
How to Protect Your Parents or Elderly People from Coronavirus? | Max Bupa

The elderly are especially vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic, as data and studies have revealed. In Italy, the average age of those dying due to Covid-19 is 80, whereas in China people aged 70 and above accounted for just 12% of all infections but more than half of all deaths. In the United States, people 65 and older have thus far accounted for 31% of coronavirus cases, 53% of intensive care admissions in hospitals and 80% of deaths.

Is Coronavirus Covered by Your Existing Health Insurance Policy
Is Coronavirus Covered by Your Existing Health Insurance Policy? | Max Bupa

The world has been grappling with the coronavirus pandemic. India is among the worst hit nations, with numbers rising every day. Living in a world with Covid-19 has now become part of the ‘new normal’ and one question that is on everyone’s minds is: how do we deal with it? One way to do so apart from following guidelines like masking, handwashing and social distancing, is by buying a comprehensive health insurance plan.

256- F-Male
Everything you need to know about health insurance

Check out our blog to find out what the doctors and experts have to say on health insurance and healthy living.

How to Compare Health Insurance Policies?

When you are buying a health policy you are going to spend your hard earned money on it, so you have to ensure that it fits your budget & offers the important health benefits to the entire family.

How To Buy Health Insurance Plans Online?

I want to buy a health insurance policy for my family, which is the easiest way to do so? I want to know about the policy details before I can buy them, how can I do so?

Group Medical Insurance In India

Group medical insurance provides coverage to many people under one group. The sum insured offered to all the members under group health insurance is more or less similar irrespective of the risk factor. Thus due to lack of flexibility in the sum insured amount and also large number of members dividing the risk factor for the health insurance provider, premium payment cost for a group health insurance policy is much lower in comparison to other types of policies.

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Factors that can impact your health insurance premium

Check out our blog to find out what the doctors and experts have to say on health insurance and healthy living.

Cashless Health Insurance

Cashless hospitalization is an important factor, which you need to consider when purchasing health insurance. Medical insurance is important for all individuals, noting the rising costs of medical care. In addition, today medical treatment costs have reached the highest of all times, and are expected to increase further. Diseases and ailments, as well as accidents, can strike anyone at any given point of time. It may emotionally and financially devastate a patient's family. Although coverage cannot be made for emotional damages, financial losses can be covered by a health insurance policy.


We all know health is wealth. Though, today to get quality healthcare, you’ll need to put wealth into your health. For instance, investing in a good health insurance policy. It can save you thousands of rupees in hospitalization charges. Wondering what’s the best insurance policy for you? Here are a few things to keep in your mind:

Cashless Health Insurance for Senior Citizen

Cashless Health Insurance for senior citizens takes care of the health care needs by covering their health risks. Our medical needs start to grow with our age. The senior citizens need regular health check- ups and they need to have a back-up as well to meet out any emergency and this is where a medical insurance for senior citizens ensures that they get the best medical benefit without affecting the finances.

Buy Health Insurance

Health insurance is indispensable for every individual keeping in mind the rising medical cost. Today medical treatment costs have reached an all time high and are further expected to rise. Medical emergencies like sickness, disease, accidents which may result in prolonged hospitalization can leave you in severe financial crisis unless you have a comprehensive medical insurance policy which takes care of all your hospitalization expenses.

Best Healthcare Plans for Senior Citizen Parents

Family is a source of happiness, and senior citizens are the guiding stars who stand with you through the thick and thin of your life. So would you leave your parents longing for the healthcare needs in their old age? No, in fact, you would want to ensure that your parents get the best medical treatment if they fall ill, and for this, you need a good health insurance.


5 reasons why investing in health insurance can pay off big time if you start young. (And, why it’s the smart thing to do!)

4 hard hitters why you should really get a health insurance

Ever seen a formula one driver without a helmet at an F1 race? A cricketer walk out to bat without pads? It’s possible but not probable. A health insurance policy also works like a pad or helmet to guard you in case of any mishap or medical emergency. After all, it takes just a second for a mishap. Let’s tell you how with a little example.

Public Vs private Healthcare in India
Public vs Private healthcare in India

The public healthcare system has been in a state of disarray on account of decades of apathy, low and mismanaged budgetary allocation, inadequate and outdated infrastructure, lack of concrete vision and enforcement from the government’s end.

All you need to know about Health Insurance plans for children
All you need to know about Health Insurance plans for children

With diseases on the rise and quality healthcare becoming more expensive, it is important to ensure that your children get the best healthcare possible when they need it. You already know the benefits health insurance offers adults and senior citizens.


Young professionals these days, like to live in the present and spend their money on shopping, travelling, shopping or partying. They don’t believe in investing for future. It’s because they don’t realise that buying health insurance early would not only protect their future, but also cost them less. Don’t believe us? You can calculate premium.

Glossary-healh insurance terms

Accident or Accidental means an unexpected, unconditioned and uncontrolled event caused by an external and visible means.

health insurance plan for senior citizen
Health Insurance for Senior Citizen

Health insurance is all the more important for senior citizens for the simple reason that as the person ages his proximity to diseases and other critical illness increases. Also with lack of monetary resources on offer, (in case the individual has retired or is surviving on pension) a medical emergency can result in severe financial crisis unless covered under a comprehensive medical insurance policy.

Critical Illness Cover

Health insurance policy is indispensable for every individual keeping in mind the rising medical cost. A medical insurance policy provides coverage against spiraling medical cost in case the insured is hospitalized due to illness, disease or injury but the same medical insurance policy fails to provide any cover if the insured is diagnosed with a life threatening disease unless the policy has a critical illness rider attached to it.

How to choose cashless mediclaim policy
Mediclaim Policy

While there is no way of knowing what tomorrow might bring in terms of a medical emergency, one can ensure that the best possible healthcare is accessible. Health insurance is thus becoming imperative in today’s world, whether for you as an individual or for securing your family’s health. Not only can health insurance ensure that you and your family receive the best possible medical treatment if an emergency arises, but also aims to safeguard your hard earned money.


If you think you are too small to make a difference, try spending the night with a mosquito – African proverb

why you should care about rising hospitalisation cost in India

It’s just another regular weekday. You get up in the morning, grab a cup of coffee and then head out to work. On the way, you discover that petrol prices have increased by ₹1 and you let out a deep sigh. You then realize that the prices of onions have also risen by ₹3, which frustrates you further.


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Contemporary society, however, is a classic example of the reversal of such maxims, a society that vainglories in cures for self-induced diseases. Smoking does not spare the environment either and causes air, water and soil pollution due to the release of toxic pollutants. Considering the detrimental effects smoking has on one’s physical, emotional and even financial health, it’s about time that we paid attention Lifestyle diseases are going to be a bigger problem in the near future as well a considering the poor air quality in most Indian cities, a protective health cover becomes important for you and your family’s well being. Don’t get caught off guard in times of need. Calculate the premium below:


Before anything else, here are a few stats that will get you thinking. Recent studies have reported that 20% to 30% of the population in India suffer from allergic rhinitis and that 15% develop asthma. And here’s another telling fact - India has 10% of Asthma patients in the world. Clearly, we cannot ignore the growing trend of allergic reactions in India but first, let’s answer some fundamental questions:

Take Care of Your Family with Best Health Insurance Plans

We leave no stone unturned to keep our families safe and sound. Diseases and illness cannot be predicted so the best option is to financially protect your family and yourself in such situations by securing a health insurance for your family. The advantage of a health insurance for your family is that it covers you and your family without any limit for individual member of the family.

Health Insurance Benefits

The cost involved in healthcare today is extremely high making health insurance a part and parcel of our life. Medical emergencies can approach us any time and turn our world upside down, leaving us shattered and broken. Health insurance policy is a saviour in such cases and can cover the financial loss during such an emergency to a great extent. Health insurance policies may not provide coverage for emotional loss however, are great supporters for people during medical emergencies and especially when they are dependent on funds for survival.


Before we answer this question, let’s ask you a question? Would you take a BMW to a local garage or an authorized service centre? The answer is quite an obvious right? You are ready to pay a little extra to the service centre as compared to your local garage because you are assured of genuine spare parts and products being used on your car, right?

How to choose cashless mediclaim policy
How to Choose Cashless Mediclaim Policy?

There are many policies that are available in the market and there are more than twenty insurance companies that are present in the market right now. So how do you go about choosing the best cashless health insurance policy for yourself? Let’s find some answers:

Buy Cashless Mediclaim Policy Online

Costs of healthcare are rising by the day. In today’s world, anyone can fall prey to critical illness, hospitalization, & medical procedures. A health policy can certainly prepare you for these medical emergencies. While buying a cashless mediclaim policy, you need to be sure that, it is enough to cover all the expenses. So what your policy must offer? Let’s take a look: