How Does a Health Insurance Card Benefit You
How Does a Health Insurance Card Benefit You?
Posted On : 22 March 2021, 5 Months Ago. Health-Insurance
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Health insurance has often been one of the first investments that working professionals are encouraged to make. The benefits of health insurance are enormous, and renowned for the coverage they offer, both in terms of individual health insurance plans as well as family health insurance plans.


In recent years, as the world has evolved in line with digitalization and advancements in technology, the insurance sector has not been left far behind. The best health insurance plans today can be availed online, and offer policyholders coverage in terms of medical emergencies, even helping meet hospitalization expenses. While buying health insurance plans, it is often necessary to check whether the most major expenses, namely, hospitalization expenses are covered or not. In case you have an existing health insurance policy, make it a point to check this the next time you renew the policy.


Insurers are introducing technology in their processes in order to ease the convenience for customers. Policyholders today are more used to working online and insurers are catering to this demand by providing newer and more enhanced tools. One such tool is the health insurance card, which enables payments in a cashless manner in case of emergency hospitalization expenses.


A health insurance card can prove immensely beneficial in a range of situations, especially in cases of medical emergencies. You can pay in a cashless manner by using the insurance card, and the amount is directly paid by the insurer. These medical insurance cards ensure that you are not left scrambling to gather funds in cases of medical emergencies. However, it is important to remember that the mediclaim card or the health insurance card benefits are valid only at network hospitals, and not at all hospitals.


This is why it is important to conduct thorough research before opting for the benefits of health insurance card. Look up factors such as the number of hospitals covered under the insurer’s network and other features before signing up for the health insurance card.


If you are still wondering about the health insurance card benefits, read on below to learn more.


1. Cashless Claims

A health insurance card can be used for making cashless payments at the hospital during medical emergencies. You are required to inform your insurer, who will ensure that the payments are authorized with no further hassles. It is imperative that you remember to carry the medical insurance card to the hospital in case of medical emergencies.

2. Details of Policy

Looking up the details of a health insurance policy and studying the fine print can often feel like a taxing affair. It can delay the claims process, especially if you are unsure of where to look up the information you require. A health insurance card or a mediclaim card has all of the most important details relating to the policy printed on it, which means you never have to go hunting for the information again and can easily and quickly raise your claims.

3. Proof of Identity

The medical insurance card acts as a proof of identity, especially during medical crises, in a hospital. It enables you to prove to the hospital authorities that you are insured under this particular policy, in case they wish to verify any of your policy details.

4. Validity Date

Keeping a close eye on the date of validity for your insurance policy is very important as it allows you to quickly renew the policy in case it expires, or ideally even before it expires. The insurance card is great for this reason, since the date of validity of the card is also printed on it, along with details such as policy number and the name of the policyholder.

5. Ease and Convenience

Using a medical insurance card is helpful, owing to the ease and convenience it provides during cases of medical emergencies, especially in terms of meeting hefty hospitalisation expenses. The biggest health insurance card benefits are that they allow for instantaneous, cashless payments.




Even as you rush to pick out the best health insurance plan and card for yourself, it is important to remember that the health insurance card’s cashless feature only works at network hospitals, which is why it is important to consider the insurer’s network hospitals beforehand as well.

The best health insurance policies, such as those offered by Max Bupa, enable policyholders to seek treatment at a large number of network hospitals that the insurer is associated with, and wherein customers can enjoy a range of benefits.

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