How to buy health insurance plans online

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How To Buy Health Insurance Plans Online?

Max Bupa

09 December 2019

How To Buy Health Insurance Plans Online?

I want to buy a health insurance policy for my family, which is the easiest way to do so?


I want to know about the policy details before I can buy them, how can I do so?


There are many customers who are willing to buy a health insurance policy for their family but they don’t know how to buy one. If you are amongst these customers, read ahead.


Even before you think to buy a health insurance policy online or offline you must understand the various parameters associated with a policy. Here are the most important ones:


Key Policy Parameters


These are some of the key policy parameters:


Age Eligibility

Every policy has an age eligibility which restricts the individuals above a particular age to go for it. Some policies are meant for young individuals and they may a lower entry age say 50yrs. Then there are policies for the senior citizens that have an entry age starting from 65 yrs.


Sum Assured

This is another very important factor on which you can compare various policies. It is the extent of the cover up-to which the policy benefits will be provided by the insurer. It also the deciding factor in the policy premium


Cashless Hospitalization

Whether the insurer is providing the facility of cashless hospitalization? It is especially useful in availing the hospitalization when you need to be hospitalized. If the insurer provides it then you’ll not need to pay anything after discharge and the appointed TPA will take of it.


Tax Benefits

The investments made in the policies are exempt from taxes but you need to see the rulings time to time.



You need to see what will be required, if you were to extend the policy to other family members. If there is any extra charge or the will be increased. All these details will have to seen carefully.


No Claim Bonus

There will be many years when you’ll not claim anything from the policy so will the insurer will provide any bonus. Most of the insurers provide bonus in the form of addition to the sum insured in the subsequent years.



Which all diseases will not be covered by the policy? You have to seek clarifications from the advisors on see the details online if they are available.


Life Long Renewal


When the policy nears the expiry, if there is any clause to extend the policy for the rest of the life, you need to see the policy document or check with the advisor.


Making Comparisons


If you want you can compare health insurance policies on some of these parameters. There are various sites where you can make these comparisons without any effort.


Buying the Policy Online


Based on the comparisons you can decide which policy you want to buy and from which insurer. To buy health insurance online you can visit to the insurer website. For instance, if you want to buy a policy from Max Bupa, you can easily one online.




Before buying the policy take some time to understand the various features so that you can arrive at a decision that is in the best interest of your family.



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