How to choose cashless mediclaim policy

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How To Choose Cashless Mediclaim Policy?

How To Choose Cashless Mediclaim Policy?


There are many policies that are available in the market and there are more than twenty insurance companies that are present in the market right now. So how do you go about choosing the best cashless health insurance policy for yourself? Let’s find some answers:


By Number Of Family Persons Involved


How many persons do you want to cover with one policy? Do you plan to go for a single policy for every individual or want to cover all the family members with one policy?


Individual Policy


There are many policies that are meant for an individual whether he is a male of a female. Max Bupa offers Heartbeat Individual, Health Insurance & Health Companion Individual policies for an individual



When you are married then you can go for the policies that are meant for the couple and the nuclear families. This means they are meant for (you, your spouse and up to four children). However, the parents and the in-laws are not a part of any of these policies. You can find the policies meant for couples & the nuclear families here.


Extended Family

Well, if you want to cover the in-laws, from both the sides in one policy, you can do so easily with the policies offered by Max Bupa and meant to cover the extended families. Heartbeat Family First Health Insurance offers coverage for 19 family members with an individual sum insured for everyone and a floating sum that is accessible to any member of the family.


By Your Budget


When you are going to buy health insurance the only cost that is involved is the premium of the policy which has to be paid annually and its amount may vary based on no claim bonuses. Many of us who live life on tight budgets, this yearly premium amount matters a lot.


Low Premium

Experts suggest that it is not necessary that the policy that comes at the lowest premium is best for you or your family. Sometimes low premiums come with lesser features. So while choosing a policy you must not always look for lowest premiums.


By Sum Assured


So you are going a policy for yourself, did you consider what should be the sum insured that will be enough for you or your family? Most of the individuals go for INR 3-4 lakh of sum assured. But is that enough considering the high costs of treatments in any of the large cities? Will the sum insured be enough when you are going to add new family members? There are policies that will offer to reconsider the sum assured when you are going to extend the policy to other family members. The premium of the policy changes accordingly.


By Critical Features


Some people are looking for crucial features such as the critical diseases covered, surgeries covered, exclusions and cashless hospitalization. If you are looking for features then the costs of premiums may vary accordingly.




When you are planning there are many ways to choose cashless health insurance and you must first analyze what your specific needs are.