How to Improve your Health Insurance Cover with 5 Add-On Covers
How to Improve your Health Insurance Cover with 5 Add-On Covers?
Posted On : 12 February 2021, 8 Months Ago. Health-Insurance
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Health insurance oftentimes not comprehensive enough for the diverse and extensive needs some people have. It might cover the bare minimum but not be able to support you in your time of need, making the health insurance premiums you pay essentially meaningless. Luckily, to lessen this likelihood, it’s important to consider health insurance add-ons for yourself that can improve the coverage you are offered. Many insurance providers offer a variety of different add ons you can choose from.


5 Add-Ons you can Add to an Individual or Family Health Insurance Policy are as Follows:


1. Personal Accident Cover


Personal accident health insurance plans make an agreement between the policyholder and the insurance provider wherein the latter will provide the former with financial compensation to their family in the case of a permanent disability or death that is the result of an accident. You can find an accident insurance policy from many insurance providers, but you can also add it as a top-up to an existing policy. For instance, Max Bupa’s Health Recharge Insurance Plan gives you the option of adding a personal accident cover to your existing policy. Choosing this option can make you much more equipped to deal with life’s uncertainties.


2. Critical Illness Cover


A critical illness rider like the one Max Bupa offers is one of the most popular options available on today’s health insurance market. Illnesses like cancer, kidney failure, and heart disease are normally classed under special categories of critical illnesses where one may not receive coverage for them through their typical health insurance plan. A critical illness health insurance rider comes in handy during this time. You have the opportunity to add this to your regular health insurance policies, especially when your coverage may be inadequate for your medical needs.


3. Top-up Plans 


In an age of growing medical costs, the general health insurance policies that are offered by one’s employers are often not sufficient to cover the added costs in several situations. A top-up plan works to secure oneself against the impact of inflation and an insufficient cover on your health insurance. Top-up plans are among the rather economical health insurance add ons. Those who are looking for additional health insurance riders can find many of the aforementioned types of riders in the form of top-ups they can add to a pre-existing policy. 


4. Maternity and New-Born Cover


The practice as seen followed by some health insurance providers where a higher premium is charged towards those of different gender (for instance, women) is known as ‘gender rating.’ As women are a lot more susceptible to chronic ailments especially around the time of pregnancy, they could run up a higher medical bill during their lifetime when compared to men. To counteract the higher premium costs, however, insurance companies tend to offer female-centric plans that come with added benefits such as those of maternity. Such health insurance add ons are a great option if you or a family member is expecting a baby or has a newborn to care for. You can find this option available in Max Bupa’s Heartbeat health insurance policy.


5. Hospital Cash/E-Consultation Add-On


Another add on that is very useful and worth considering is that of e-consultations and hospital cash. Some comprehensive plans do not offer these facilities to policyholders, at a time when they are essential due to lockdown. With many Max Bupa plans, you have the option to add on these features if you need to. You can avail of these features on Max Bupa’s Heartbeat Health insurance as well as our Supersaver health insurance policy.




The more comprehensive your policy the better protected you are. Why wait to include covers to your policy knowing that it will enhance the protection you are receiving base on your medical needs? Get started with Max Bupa’s health plans today.

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