How to Safely Workout at Gym after Covid-19 Lockdown
How to workout at the gym post lockdown

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How to Safely Workout at Gym after Covid-19 Lockdown

Max Bupa

10 November 2020

After Covid-19 lockdown, safe workout at gym has become a prime concern for many of us, and rightly so. The several myths about Coronavirus have spread far and wide, and it is taking a toll on the mental health of the people. Under such conditions, it is very important to keep the body fit while maintaining rules of social distancing. It is important to know about the symptoms of Coronavirus before stepping out of your house, as lack of information hampers your stress management abilities. 


Practice a safe workout at gym after Covid-19 lockdown :


1. Maintain a Schedule of Social Distancing 

Gyms are now maintaining a proper schedule for all of their customers. Even if someone shows symptoms of Coronavirus, there are several health insurance plans which can come to their aid. If you come to the gym at the time allotted for you, then you can possibly avoid the stress management you would have to go through, or perhaps even buying health insurance policy for Coronavirus. The rules of social distancing would be easier to follow if the schedule is maintained, as it has been optimised by various gyms to ensure customer’s safety..

There might be other people around you who share the same schedule. It would be prudent to maintain social distancing from them, at least six feet.


2. Bring your Own Necessities to Bust Coronavirus Myths

Another very smart thing to do would be to bring your own water bottle, protein shake, towel, mask, shower cap and so on. Bringing such items to the gym would be the right way to step out. You can sanitise them properly, and you can ensure that it is not shared around. This would definitely contribute towards minimising the risk of Coronavirus and its spread in a general context. At all times, you need to know how much of your possible expenses are covered by your health insurance schemes in case of illness.


3. Stay at Home if you are Unwell

Rising hospital expenses are really something everyone should be aware of. Only an extensive knowledge of health insurance plans can help you secure your finances in these stressful times. If you have a fever or breathing problems, there is a chance that you may have contracted the virus. Under these circumstances, it is highly advisable to stay home to prevent any kind of mental health issues in addition to the physical issues you might be facing.

Max Bupa has launched Corona Kavach, an insurance dedicated to compensate the cost incurred for treatment of Coronavirus. 


4. Check for Sanitisation Practices

Apart from buying health insurance policy for Coronavirus, it is a must to check for sanitisation practices at the gym you are visiting. In addition to wearing a mask all the time except while working out, the gym should also have ready hand sanitizers to apply on every and any person walking into the building. Wearing masks while you are working out, however, can prove counterproductive as the body needs a lot of oxygen while  you work out, and the mask might prevent it from getting sufficient amounts of it.

Irrespective of the kind of coverage that your health insurance might be able to provide, there can be no cure or financial back up which would be better than prevention. Therefore, the gym should also have a temperature gun to check the temperature of not only its employees but also the customers, to prevent the spread of the virus.



Health insurance, under these circumstances, becomes very important. You can avail any kind of insurance according to your needs, and you should make sure that all your needs are met. You can start with going through the six different health plans offered by Max Bupa, and then choose the most suitable one. Each plan offers cashless claims processing in 30 minutes across 5000+ network hospitals across India, along with a host of other benefits.


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