Importance of buying health insurance plan for women
Importance of buying health insurance plan for women
Posted On : 12 March 2021, 6 Months Ago. Health-Insurance
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The word feminism is very commonly used these days. However, women’s health is not talked about that often. Considering the crucial role that women play both inside and outside of home, it is essential to ensure that their health is maintained and protected. Naturally, health insurance becomes necessary for women at every stage of their lives.

In addition to purchasing a woman’s insurance plan, it is advisable to buy health insurance for women, be it an individual health insurance plan or a family health insurance plan. Besides, as per the clause in the IT Tax, you can save tax on the money you spend on health insurance. The benefits of health insurance are numerous and definitely rewarding. However, it is crucial to not only decide on the best health insurance plan for women but also to choose affordable health insurance for women.


Why are health insurance plans for women important?


With urban women becoming fiercely self-dependent, the importance of health insurance for women cannot be emphasized enough. In addition, women require much more continuous and intensive healthcare as they need reproductive care for a reasonable amount of time in their lives. Women also tend to fall ill more often, proving the importance and the need for medical insurance for women.


Types of women’s health insurance plans


There are two major types of women’s health insurance that are commonly available.


1. Special Health Insurance Plans for women


Most health insurance plans are not designed around women’s needs. This special plan includes cover for cancer, Ayurveda, and many more. In addition, this women’s health insurance plan also provides a higher insured sum.


2. Critical illness Plans


This woman’s insurance plan provides cover for 15 critical illnesses. A lump-sum compensation would be provided in a single transaction to cover all the medical expenses during the treatment. To avail a wider cover, signing up for the critical illness plan is a smart choice. The compensated amount can also be used to maintain stability in cases of loss of income due to illnesses or to pay off debts.


What should you look for while purchasing a women’s health insurance plan?


1. Waiting Period


The lesser the waiting period, the less hassle you encounter while claiming for your medical expenses.


2. Limits and sub-limits


Some health insurance plans have hidden charges, which could end up being more expensive during an emergency and other medical treatment. Hence, always look out for extra and hidden charges/limits while purchasing a health insurance plan.


3. Maternity and infertility cover


Especially for women who are mothers, it is important for the women’s health insurance plan to include maternity cover along with infertility cover.


4. Hospital network


The most important feature to check for is how well connected the insurance plan is to the hospitals you are likely to visit for your treatments and procedures.


5. Value-added services


Several women’s health insurance plans also include value-added services such as regular checkups, master checkups, etc. inclusive of the regular benefits. Ensure to leverage this feature as it could prove to be extremely beneficial.


Claiming women’s health insurance


Once you purchase a health insurance plan, the next step is to understand the claiming process. In accordance with Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961, every individual who purchases a mediclaim policy to avail women’s health insurance coverage of medical tests, treatment, and hospitalization expenses, can exempt themselves from tax. You can make claims on your medical bills for a tax deduction. With an existing health insurance plan, you can claim medical and hospitalization expenses by a simple process that gets sanctioned in and around 20 minutes.




We hope that the above information and details help you to choose the right health insurance before buying health insurance plans. Choosing the best health insurance plan for women involves certain parameters. An option to purchase a mediclaim policy can help provide coverage of medical tests, treatment, and hospitalization expenses can even exempt them from tax.



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