How & Why Network Hospitals Play an Important Role in Health Insurance?
How & Why Network Hospitals Play an Important Role in Health Insurance?
Posted On : 19 March 2021, 5 Months Ago. Health-Insurance
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Health insurance provides multiple benefits: saves costly medical bills, regular check-ups, quality treatment, and saves undue eleventh-hour hassles related to hospital admission or rushing for cash. At the time of an emergency, a comprehensive health insurance package is really valuable and guards against heavy expenses due to diagnosis, treatment, medicines and hospitalization. These days there are numerous health insurance options available and people buy them because of the multiple long-term benefits and sense of definite security at the time of distress.


What are Network Hospitals?


One of the most striking features of health insurance plans is the insurance providers network of hospitals. These are hospitals that have a tie-up with your insurance provider. At the time of buying a health insurance plan, there's a list of hospitals provided along with the policy document and the terms & conditions. At any of these hospitals, you can avail cashless treatment. In case of medical emergencies, the only thing in our minds is getting the patient admitted to the hospital immediately so that the treatment can begin as soon as possible.

Arranging cash at this critical juncture when every minute is precious is both time-consuming and an unnecessary strain. The main advantage of network hospitals is that the process of getting a patient admitted to the hospital is completely hassle-free and there's no need to get anxious about cash supply. Any hospital that's not listed by the insurance provider is a non-network hospital. In case you chose to get treated at a non-network hospital, then you will have to pay the entire medical bill and later on you can claim reimbursement according to the health insurance.


Role of Network Hospitals in Health Insurance


In case of a cashless mediclaim health insurance, it's best to seek treatment in a network hospital of your choice. There are multiple network hospitals in every city, so select the one most suitable to you based on factors like location, quality, pricing etc. It's advised to circle out the network hospital in advance so that in case of any emergency time is not wasted in deciding the hospital. Do a proper survey of the listed network hospitals in your city and then choose the best one as per your needs accordingly.


How Network Hospitals Work?


Once the patient gets admitted in a network hospital, he/ she needs to submit a form to TPA in order to avail cashless insurance. After verification of the cashless claim, the patient is entitled to seek medical treatment at the hospital. All the hospital expenses will be borne by the insurance provider and the patient doesn’t have to pay at the time of discharge. The patient won’t have to submit any kinds of documents, bills and there would be no waiting period. However, if there's any expense that's not covered in the policy document, then that won't be covered by the insurance provider.


How to Select the Right Network Hospital?


While the process of scouting for the most suitable network hospitals may appear to be quite cumbersome, it's not at all so. Selecting the right network hospital is quite simple. All you need to do is make a list of all network hospitals in your city using either the policy document or the insurance company's website. If you are unable to find the list of network hospitals for your vicinity, promptly call the insurance provider and ask them to provide you with the list. Once you have the list handy, conduct a thorough research of all the hospitals mentioned in it, based on their distance from your home, facilities they offer, medical staff, cost, reputation, ratings etc. Always keep the cashless mediclaim card with you. Importance of network hospitals in health insurance cannot be overstated.




Network hospitals provide efficient medical service without any waiting period or pains of filing documentation and submitting bills. It's for this reason that they are preferred by health insurance policy holders. Patient doesn’t have to pay medical bills at the network hospital, as the amount is directly paid by the insurance company. It not only saves time but also the trouble of cross-checking bills and then making a payment. It's recommended to choose a cashless hospital in advance so that any delay at the time of urgent hospitalization is avoided. Select the most optimum family health insurance plan as per your needs and avail all the benefits of health insurance. Max Bupa offers an extensive network of 7000+ hospitals across India with modern amenities and cashless treatment option.

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