Important terms related to Coronavirus
Important terms related to Coronavirus1

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Important terms related to Coronavirus

Max Bupa

20 November 2020

India, and the world at large, is currently going through one of the most difficult outbreaks in recorded history. The novel coronavirus, or as it is more commonly known - Covid-19, has reported millions of cases around the world and impacted almost every facet of our lives.

Given this situation, the most prudent things we can do as citizens is to stay safe, avail a trusted health insurance for coronavirus, spread awareness and dispel myths about covid-19. But first, we must familiarise ourselves with information about the disease and learn the various coronavirus terms that might be helpful.


To that end, here is a brief coronavirus glossary that you must know about during this outbreak:



1. Coronavirus: 


This term refers to the family of viruses that affect the nose, sinus, and throat. This can result in diseases ranging from the common cold to the much more severe SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).


2. Covid-19:

This term refers to the specific infectious disease caused by the recently discovered strain of coronavirus. Covid-19 essentially stands for Coronavirus disease, with the ‘19’ denoting the year 2019, when the virus was first discovered.


3. Pandemic:


This is an essential term in the coronavirus glossary. According to the World Health Organisation, the term pandemic is defined as the worldwide spread of a new disease, affecting a large number of people.


4. Social Distancing:


As Covid-19 is highly infectious, it can easily spread from one person to another. To avoid such spread, there are measures taken to maintain physical distance and reduce person-to-person contact in communities. These measures are known as Social Distancing.


5. Immunocompromised:


This term is used to refer to a condition whereby a person’s immune system is weakened. Such individuals are more likely to suffer from severe illness due to Covid-19 infection. In particular, the elderly in a community are more likely to be immunocompromised and must be protected with precautions such as social distancing and family health insurance plans.


6. Isolation:


As a coronavirus term, isolation refers to the practice of physically separating those who are infected with Covid-19 from those who are uninfected to limit the spread of disease.


7. Self-Quarantine:


In case a person is infected with the virus, he or she must take certain precautions such as self-quarantine. This coronavirus term is used to refer to the practice of restricting your own movement to limit the possibility of spreading the virus. To account for the high hospital expenses that come with being infected, it is also essential to take other precautions such as having an individual health insurance plan in place.


How a Health Insurance Plan can Help You and Your Family in Coronavirus Pandemic?


Even as you become familiar with these coronavirus terms, it is also important to be prepared for the reality of the situation. Despite various measures such as social distancing and self-quarantine, the Coronavirus disease can still spread in a variety of ways and treatment costs can prove to be quite steep. That is why it is essential to protect yourself and your family from the financial burden of hospital expenses with a reliable family health insurance plan.

The benefits of health insurance can be availed by all insured family members under a single health insurance plan or a Corona Kavach health insurance policy. These policies allow for health insurance claims for hospitalisation, in-patient treatment, home care treatment and much more.

In the midst of the pandemic, it is essential to make sure that the physical and financial health of your family is always safeguarded with a reliable health insurance plan. If you do not have a health insurance plan in place, you can turn to Max Bupa’s Corona Kavach family health insurance policies to provide coverage for all your medical needs.



Now that you are more familiar with the various terms essential to understanding the Coronavirus, make sure to spread awareness among members of your family and community. Moreover, it is also prudent to stay financially secured for any medical circumstances by availing a health insurance plan from a trusted institution. Stay informed and stay safe.

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