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  • How to Choose Best Health Insurance?

    Keeping in mind the rising medical cost, health insurance is an indispensable tool in today’s world. . Today, medical treatment costs have reached an all time high and are further expected to rise. Medical emergencies like sickness, disease and accidents which may result in prolonged hospitalization, can leave you in severe financial crisis unless you have a comprehensive medical insurance policy which takes care of all your hospitalization expenses.

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  • Will the sugar in your tea cause diabetes?

    When it’s Diabetes, it is important to know the facts from the myths. Let us help you understand common misconceptions about the disease…

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  • Aspirin could be the answer to Cancer

    Did you know that a drug as common as Aspirin could help keep Cancer at bay? According to a recent study, taking an Aspirin daily, for 10 years can reduce the risk of Cancer and here’s how:

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    It can be scary and unnerving if your heart starts beating very fast. However, there’s nothing to worry about! You can take some simple steps to fix the condition.

    First sit back while we explain the causes for this …

    What you have experienced is heart palpitations, a state in which your heart beats very fast, or skips a beat. They occur if you’re stressed, anxious or simply going through certain medical conditions. Read on further to see a step-by-step guide into this condition and recommend it to anyone else who has frequent palpitations. Assure them that they are nothing that a little de-stressing can’t fix!

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