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  • Beriberi: The vitamin B1 disorder!

    Many of us have countless problems and their solution is as easy as it can get. It’s important to walk properly to get the right posture; to communicate properly; etc to improve the overall quality of life. But what if we are unable to walk or talk well because we don’t eat properly due to the deficiency of a certain Vitamin?

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  • Citrus fruits: For a balanced diet!

    To be able to live a quality life we must be healthy. Many of us crave for junk food and desserts; while they give temporary satisfaction, they are unhealthy nonetheless. To be able to achieve both – satisfy cravings for sweets and stay healthy, consumption of citrus fruits is advisable.

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  • The mysterious bodily ailment- Hiccups

    There are clear cut definitions of awkward and normal moments in life. While some awkward moments are considered normal, others can prove a nuisance. One of the most embarrassing bodily functions, include ‘hiccups’. Keeping up to the uncanny name, they come unannounced at the most inappropriate times giving puppet like convulsions to the affected.

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  • Sunscreen for Children

    Parents often worry about their kids getting too much sun tan while outside during summer or winter months. Cosmetic companies have come up with different sunscreen lotions which promise to ward off or reduce the problem. But what is the hype about the kids using sunscreen, ‘especially’? What exactly is an appropriate amount of sunscreen for children?

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  • Carbohydrates

    Carbohydrates are compounds that your body uses for energy. They are found in almost every type of food you eat – albeit in different forms and amounts. All carbohydrates are made up of individual ‘building blocks’ or sugar molecules. The most basic carbohydrates – such as the sugar you put in your tea, or that gives your apple its sweet taste – consist of just one or two of these molecules.

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