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  • Loud Music-Ill Effects on Health

    In today’s moribund city life, the hustle and bustle leaves us exasperated. We desperately try to look for relief measures, the most common one being, to plug in earphones and cut off from the world. What effect does it have on our health? Let’s find out.

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  • Claustrophobia: realistic or unreasonable fear?

    Using an elevator to climb up the floors is as usual for most but this may become life threatening for a few of us. Claustrophobia is the fear of closed spaces or the feeling of having no escape.

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  • Does gluten in your meal bother you?

    Gluten intolerance or sensitivity is an immune response to foods containing gluten. Can a healthy chocolate bar including gluten consumed by a kid harm his/her intestines? Yes it can, if the kid is gluten intolerant.

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  • Rabies – a deadly viral infection

    Loving, cuddling and pampering your pets are a common phenomenon and something that every pet owner does. While it’s important and commendable that you are a dog person, whether you have your own or you feed the strays, it is important to be aware of diseases that you can catch from them so that you can take precautionary measures and your love for dogs is not lost.

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  • Superfoods: Unprocessed intakes to stay hale and hearty

    Superfoods are unprocessed foods that include high phytonutrient content requisite to live a healthy and longer life. People make sure they include antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins in their diet to fight diseases and live a better life but in actual sense there’s no need to add specific foods for specific ailments.

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