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  • Cervical disc prolapse – a disc disorder

    While continuously working on your computer, you may feel twinge and irritation in the upper spinal area surrounding your neck. This pain may be dangerous and is an early symptom of slipped disc in the neck, also known as cervical disc prolapse.

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  • Snoring- How to deal with the universal issue?

    How many times have you landed yourself, or seen others, in embarrassing situations by dozing off to sleep in public transports and snoring away to glory?  In reality, is it as funny as it seems in cartoons, where the snores lift the roof of the house and back? Let’s find out.

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  • The Happy Hormone- Endorphin

    Staying “happy” is usually the motivational force in our daily lives. However, out of all the people that one meets every day, how many actually seem happy? In this busy word, problems we face are aplenty, whether in personal or professional life, what with increasing expectations and increasing workload. The ultimate solution to resolve these issues would be to get to the root cause(s) of the problem(s) and take it from there.

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  • The Ill-Effects of Incorrect Powered Lenses

    With an increase in the use of laptops, Tablets, etc, a lot of people complain of vision problems. As there is no cure to correct vision per say, most of the affected ones prefer to wear spectacles or lenses. However, an ill fitted or incorrect powered glass or lenses can have a significant impact on your eye sight

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  • The less known concept of over- exercising

    It is very important that one must realize the importance of being fit and not necessarily following the fashion trend. One can avert a lot of lifestyle related diseases by merely being active on a daily basis. Hence, the imperative question is how much one needs to exercise? Is one hour at the gym enough or are you trying to lose weight quickly by over indulging in it?

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