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  • Are you eating late-night? Please sleep tight!

    Also referred to as ‘midnight hunger’, Night Eating Syndrome has become an emerging eating disorder that characterizes an uncontrollable eating pattern at nights which an individual encompasses. Lack of hunger in the morning, overeating at night and even waking all through the night to munch through something are all the traits of this disorder.

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  • Can you be fit and fat at the same time?

    Ever seen a ‘fat’ guy running the marathon and finishing much before expected? Or a skinny, seemingly fit girl running out of breath climbing just two flights of stairs? Well, this is because different people have different levels of fitness and the state of being ‘fit’ or ‘fat’ varies from person to person.

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  • Frequent urination – it’s common and curable

    At your workplace or at home, you may have noticed that certain people visit the washroom more often than usual to urinate. This is not something uncommon and they might be suffering from a medical condition termed as frequent urination.

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  • Lactose Intolerance

    Despite having a high nutritional value, milk is generally not savoured and repels the taste buds of many people. Some people gulp it down their throat like a medicine, some take the pains of enhancing its flavour by adding powdered malt extracts, and there are some who don’t drink it at all.

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  • Long hours of listening to music: Harmful for our health?

    Listening to music is regarded as a soothing and mind refreshing remedy along with being a favourite pastime for most of us. Like anything that is consumed or done in excess, listening to music for long period of time may be harmful for our health.

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