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  • Seeing colors differently!

    Color blindness is a color vision deficiency where a person is unable to differentiate between colors under normal lighting conditions. It involves troubles that persons incur regarding red, green and blue colors or a mix of these.

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  • Aquaphobia: Can water cause fear?

    While water is considered by many as a source of extreme fun and enjoyment, for some people visiting places like water parks or seaside are no less than a nightmare. Such people face an extreme, irrational and persistent threat of water known as ‘aquaphobia’.

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  • Kwashiorkor: A severe malnutrition

    Consumption of food is requisite to survive but some people get affected not by what they consume but by what they ignore or are forced to do so. We suffer ill effects when our body doesn’t receive the nutrients it requires for a healthy life. Kwashiorkor is one such form of malnutrition that occurs due to lack of protein in the diet despite ample caloric intake.

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  • Parkinson’s: severe movement disorder

    Brain is the most important part of the human body that controls everything we do from our behavior to our movement. Movement is considered as an important part of our body language; however, it is difficult for certain people who don’t have control over how they move.

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  • Silicosis: An occupational danger

    Our workplace along with the amenities it provides, may also give certain unwanted health perils that develop and worsen with time. Silicosis is one such job-related peril. It is an occupational lung hazard and a respiratory disorder caused by inhalation of silica dust particles.

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