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  • Ask the Expert - Dr Parul Sharma (Eye Care)

    Currently Senior Eye Surgeon-Delhi and Head of the Department-Gurgaon, Max Hospitals, Dr Parul Sharma has more than 13 years experience as an expert ophthalmologist.

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  • Body Odour

    Body odour is a fact of life: we all smell less than sweet sometimes!  It could be from the food we eat, excess sweat or clothes that aren’t quite clean but it’s there alright.

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  • Hair Care in the Monsoon

    Hair loss is a common problem in people. Although hair loss or baldness is generally a genetic problem, the monsoon season is not a hair-friendly one and often leads to oily scalps, dandruff and ultimately, hair fall.

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  • Indoor Exercises

    Rainy days are no excuse to skip your workout. The slushy road or park you walk or jog in to keep in shape and happy may not really beckon you what with the leeches and worms wriggling around. 

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  • Malaria - Prevention

    Malaria is a serious and potentially life-threatening infection, which can be prevented.

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