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  • Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

    Food prepared at home is not only fresh but can be customized to your needs on the basis of your work schedule. If you are always pressed for time in the mornings, prepare for it the night before. The long term benefits of carrying food from home clearly outweigh the inconvenience of carrying them.

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  • Keeping Hydrated for Exercise

    It might surprise you to know that when you exercise you can lose up to 500 ml of fluid in just half an hour – that’s nearly as much liquid as you get in half a litre of milk. Make sure you get the right amount of fluid before, during and after exercise and you will perform at your best.

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  • Lunch Hour Perk Me Ups

    Working at a desk continuously all day can leave you feeling listless and dull after some time. Not taking a decent lunch hour break or working right through it can make you feel sluggish later. Make your lunch breaks work for you. It is important to take that time off to refresh and energize yourself to rejuvenate your mind and body.

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  • Peptic Ulcers

    A peptic ulcer is an area of damage to the lining of either the stomach or the wall of the small bowel. The stomach produces acid to help you digest food.

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  • Relax After a Busy Day

    A busy day saps us of all energy – both physically as well as mentally. Stress can leave us feeling breathless and completely exhausted. This is when techniques such as toe tensing and deep breathing are very effective for achieving relaxation.

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