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  • Smart Foods

    Certain foods have been proved to be better than others in protecting the brain, nerve cells and blood vessels from the damage of aging. Nutrient-dense foods, or those that provide high nutritional value with low calories, will satisfy your body's needs while controlling your weight.

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  • Sun Care

    Sun care means protecting skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Everyone needs to protect their skin, no matter what colour it is. Even on a cool day or when there are clouds in the sky, the sun can damage skin.

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  • Work Out the Weekend Slump

    Most of us have a set schedule that we follow all week. We wake up at a certain time, go for a walk or jog thereafter, eat breakfast after a shower and rush off to work. After work, we come home, and go for a walk (if we haven’t already done so in the morning) after a cup of tea, watch the news, have dinner at a specific time and sleep. But what happens to us on weekends? Our schedule goes awry! 

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