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  • Caring for Surgical Wounds

    A surgical wound is a cut made in the skin during an operation. For an operation, the surgeon will need to make a cut in the skin to access the part of the body being operated on. The position and size of the cut will depend on the type of operation and surgery.

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  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    In the frenzy of life today, most of us drive ourselves to achieve whatever we have aimed to in the limited time that we have. We never give our bodies or minds enough rest and this tends to finally show up as illnesses that naturally urge the mind and body to slow down.

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  • Colic

    Colic is a common condition in babies. As many as one in five babies have colic in the first few months of life. Colic affects boys and girls and babies who are breastfed and those who are bottle-fed equally. Colic usually is inconsolable crying in an otherwise healthy newborn baby. A baby with colic cries more often and for longer than other babies. Colic usually gets better on its own and most babies ‘grow out of it’ by the age of six months.

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  • Common Dieting Mistakes

    There always seems to be a new diet claiming to outshine all others and miraculously help you to instantaneously lose weight. However, although the array of products and services out there may make high claims, do they really work? More often than not they don’t and some can even be dangerous, starving your body of the nutrients that it needs.

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  • Common Health Problems of Men

    Men are great caretakers whether it is their devotion to their cars or their golf at the crack of dawn or devotion to their families, they can deal with any eventuality. But the one thing they tend to be tardy about is their own health.

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