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  • Physical activity in pregnancy

    Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you can’t keep active.

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  • Keeping Hydrated for Exercise

    It might surprise you to know that when you exercise you can lose up to 500 ml of fluid in just half an hour – that’s nearly as much liquid as you get in a pint of milk.

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  • Buy Health Insurance

    Health insurance is indispensable for every individual keeping in mind the rising medical cost. Today medical treatment costs have reached an all time high and are further expected to rise. Medical emergencies like sickness, disease, accidents which may result in prolonged hospitalization can leave you in severe financial crisis unless you have a comprehensive medical insurance policy which takes care of all your hospitalization expenses.

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  • Weight Loss After 40

    The forties are the new thirties, so say the lifestyle gurus of today! What was considered ‘old’ a few years ago, doesn’t hold true anymore. Times have changed and life has become tougher – what came easily in the 30s is now happening in the 40s.

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  • 3 Snacks you thought were Healthy

    Snacking is one activity in which almost everyone indulges. Irregular eating patterns are a major reason why one feels hungry at odd hours.

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