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  • Adenoid and Tonsil Removal

    Adenoids and tonsils are small lumps of tissue that help fight ear, nose and throat infections in younger children.

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  • Affordable Health Insurance

    Buying affordable health insurance policy is one of the most important criteria when buying medical insurance. Health insurance is indispensable for every individual residing in India to assure financial security during times of medical emergency.

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  • Alcohol and Health

    If drinking is interfering with your work, you're probably a heavy drinker. If work is interfering with your drinking, you're probably an alcoholic!


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  • Skipping Breakfast Makes You Fat!

    Breakfast breaks the overnight fasting period and stimulates your metabolism. It replenishes and recharges the fuel source of your body while you prepare to start your daily chores.

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  • Start a Self Esteem Journal This New Year

    Thinking about starting something new this New Year? Why not start a Self Esteem Journal?

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