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  • ARTHRITIS – Know It’s Symptoms & Types

    It refers to inflammation of one or more of joints. The main suffering of arthritis occurs in joint pain and stiffness which get worse as the age increase.

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  • BODY ODOUR – Causes and Control

    Body odor can be defined as an unpleasant smell which is found in both, animal and in human body. In human, it is caused by the excretion of skin gland which known as Apocrine sweat glands.

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  • BRONCHODILATOR DRUG – It’s Causes & Effects

    Bronchodilator drug or bronchodilator is a medicine which is used by a patient who has a breathing problem. It is an agent that enlarges the air passages by moderating the smooth muscle of bronchi.

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    These days’ babies wear diapers for almost of the whole of the day, which lead to direct and constant contact of mucus with the skin.

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    They are generally also known as “roids” or “juice” and are similar to some hormones in the body. The body generates steroids naturally in order to support functions such as fighting stress, promoting growth and development.

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