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  • Protect yourself from Dengue

    With the advent of mosquito season, most of us are getting concerned about more than just that bothersome itchiness of a bite or two. Besides being annoying, mosquitoes transmit a whole host of illnesses, the more common among them being dengue fever, malaria and encephalitis.

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  • Fever in Children

    A child's body temperature is usually between 98.6°C and 100°F. A fever is when the body temperature goes above this range.

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  • Screening Screen Time

    All of us have at some point observed and admitted to the excessive screen time that our children are being exposed to.

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  • Children and Stress

    Any major changes in their life can cause stress in children. Positive life events like home, job or school changes, or even a new baby in the family can cause stress in children.

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  • Healthy eating tips for children

    Young children today are victims of as many health problems as adults, at times even more. However, a balanced diet is essential for all-round growth of the child - physical, mental and emotional.

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