Know All About ORS on World ORS Day 2021
Know All About ORS on World ORS Day 2021
Posted On : 29 July 2021, 1 Months Ago. Health-wellness
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ORS or the Oral Rehydration Salts is a simple mix of sugar, salt and water. It restores electrolyte balance in the body and is a vital remedy for those who suffer from dehydration, especially infants and the children. If electrolyte balance in the body is not restored timely, then it can turn fatal. To mark the importance of ORS to infant health and well-being and to keep dehydration away, ORS is an elixir. ORS day is marked every year to spread public awareness about ORS, it's availability and how to use it.

ORS Day is observed each year on July 29 to emphasize the importance of ORS (Oral Rehydration Salts) as an affordable and highly impactful healthcare method to treat dehydration and diarrhea. Diarrhea is still among the leading causes of infant mortality in a lot of developing countries. ORS is not just an effective remedy but also a potential life saver. As per the World Health Organization, diarrhea and related diseases is the second biggest cause of death in children lower than five years old. Main cause of diarrhea is poor sanitation and lack of hygienic conditions. It leads to loss of essential fluids from the body which can be fatal.

The best way to treat dehydration and diarrhea is a glucose, electrolyte mix solution commonly known as ORS, which is often combined with Zinc for optimum results. The main aim of ORS Day is to spread awareness about ORS and how it can be prepared and fed to infants and children to protect them against dehydration. It’s one of the mass-level primary healthcare interventions that can help reduce infant mortality. Save the date on your calendar for World ORS Day 2021 and do your part in building awareness.


How to Prepare ORS and Homemade ORS Solution?


While ORS sachets are cheaply available almost everywhere, but in case you are unable to get it immediately, no need to worry. You can make ORS at home too following these simple steps:


  • ·     Take over 200 ml of water. Ensure that the water is purified and filtered. Do not use tap water. If you don’t have a water purifier, then boil the water and let it cool
  • ·     Now add a teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt. 1 teaspoon is usually around 5 grams
  • ·     Stir it using a spoon till the sugar and the salt mix well
  • ·     Make sure to use the adequate amount of sugar and salt. Too much sugar and salt render ORS ineffective and may be harmful


In case you are using a sachet of ORS that’s readily available at any medical or general store, then following are the steps to prepare a glass of ORS:


  • ·     Empty the ORS sachet in a 250 ml glass or cup; Add filtered water to the glass and mix it using a spoon or a stirrer
  • ·     Stir till all the ingredients get completely mixed
  • ·     Do not add sugar to ORS, and never mix ORS in any fluid other than water, be it juice, milk or aerated beverages



Benefits of ORS


  • ·         Replenishes the body with essential salts
  • ·         Restores electrolyte balance of the body
  • ·         Fights against dehydration
  • ·         Keep the body fit



Some frequently asked questions around ORS and its consumption


· Is it safe to prepare ORS and then keep it stored for future use?


The National Health Portal of India advises that the glass or utensil in which ORS is kept should be covered and it should not be stored for more than 24 hours due to the risk of contamination.


· Is ORS safe for people for all age groups?


ORS is perfectly safe from anyone suffering from diarrhea and dehydration, be it children, adults or elderly. It's more essential for infants and children though as dehydration is more threatening for them.


· What will happen if ORS is made with unfiltered/ impure water that's not fit for drinking?


Preparing ORS with water that contains bacterial and other impurities would make it totally ineffective and even harmful.


In the Nutshell


Water content in the body is essential for the proper functioning of vital organs and to maintain normal health and fitness. The loss of water from the body is called dehydration. It gets serious in case of infants and children. ORS is a simple and highly effective mixture of sugar, salts and water that rehydrates the body by restoring electrolyte balance. ORS should be given frequently in case of severe dehydration. ORS is both available at medical stores or other shops and can be prepared at home using filtered water. While preparing ORS at home, the only caution that needs to be exercised is that the water should be pure, and the amount of sugar and salt should not be excessive.

ORS Day is marked every year on July 29 to spread awareness about ORS solution, which remains the most easily accessible remedy for dehydration.

Awareness is the first step towards any solution and mitigating any problem. ORS Day aims to build awareness about importance of ORS so that the information reaches far and wide, and no one is deprived of this crucial solution that could save million lives. It’s also essential to eat right food to stay fit and safe from diseases. A healthy diet is one that contains all nutrients in a balanced amount. Daily exercise is also essential to maintain physical as well as mental health. These days due to surging healthcare costs and to save on hospitalization expense, it's necessary to select a good, all-round health insurance plan.






National Health Portal of India

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