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Know Everything about Health Insurance Premium Calculator | Max Bupa

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24 September 2020

In today’s world, there has been an exponential rise in the number of diseases and illnesses we are vulnerable to. While the Covid-19 crisis has brought focus on this issue, the underlying health crisis has existed long before the onset of the ongoing pandemic. In this health crisis, health insurance plans have become a necessity.

With the onset of the pandemic, awareness about the importance of health insurance is expected to go up exponentially. Without health insurance plans, the Covid-19 crisis has the potential to push a stable family into a financial crisis overnight.

What is a Health Insurance Premium?


In exchange for the medical cover in the case of an illness, the insured pays the insurer a certain periodic (monthly/yearly) premium payment. Since the risk is transferred from the insured to the insurer, health insurance premiums change from person-to-person. This rate is deduced based on a number of factors. In this article, we will explore the various factors that contribute to the calculation of a health insurance premium.

What is a Health Insurance Premium Calculator?


A health insurance premium calculator is an online service that, that helps individuals gauge what their premium payments may be based on a number of pre-defined criteria. Customers can enter their coverage requirements, and the calculator will inform them about their premiums.

How does a Health Insurance Premium Calculator works?


Customers are required to enter the following details, and the calculator provides a tentative premium rate based on these criteria:


- Pre-Existing Medical condition or family history

- Status on consumption of  listed substances like alcohol, cigarettes etc

- Profession

- Location

- Premiums go up if you opt for additional riders


Factors that Contribute to Health Insurance Premium Rate

  1. Age

When it comes to health insurance premiums, a general rule of thumb followed is higher the age, higher the premium. Undeniably, there are other factors that could overrule age. For example, an individual who is 30 but has diabetes from childhood, or someone who smokes. They are likely to pay a higher premium than an individual who is 40 years old, but does not have any pre-existing health conditions or habits.

  1. Medical condition

It need not be said, that while health insurance plans are aimed at providing aid to individuals in the event that they contract a disease, insurance companies are wary of this happening as their business model functions as a game of numbers, and if every customer suddenly avails of their health insurance, the business model is no longer sustainable.

  1. Substances

Consumption of certain substances such as tobacco and alcohol have proven to substantially increase the risk of contracting multiple diseases, as well as exposing the individuals to other potentially lethal and expensive illnesses.

  1. Profession

Most professions, be it physical labour, office jobs or the arts industry, come with a potential risk of injury or illness. Individuals working in storerooms could be injured by heavy equipment, those working at desks could be prone to a number of limb and back related problems and even artists are at risk of ingesting harmful substances from their paints.

  1. Location

Cost for treatment differ from one city to another, hence your premiums are likely to be higher if you reside in a metro city like Delhi or Mumbai.

  1. Riders

When buying health insurance, there is a virtually limitless number of add ons you could get with your insurance to increase your protection against illnesses. For instance, one could add cover against critical illness or dental plans to their health insurance plans.

Benefits of Using a Health Insurance Premium Calculator 


Health insurance premium calculators provide customers with a number of benefits 

  1. They allow customers to experiment with different coverages to gauge the various premium rates.
  2. Individuals can have a better understanding of their premium rates before actually making a purchase, allowing for a more informed decision.
  3. Some health insurance premium calculators allow for comparisons between premium rates of various insurers.
  4. Multiple searches allow customers to fine-tune a health insurance plan that is perfect for their needs, after they have looked at various offerings.


There are a plethora of other factors that contribute to the calculation of health insurance premiums such as your BMI, the coverage of the health insurance plan, gender as well as the financial status of the health insurance company. A better understanding of the factors that go into the calculation of health insurance premiums may help an individual fine tune their policy to their needs to ensure they are not paying for services they are unlikely to require, regardless of whether it is an individual health insurance plan, or a family health insurance plan.

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