National Doctors Day 2021: Significance & History of the Day
National Doctors Day 2021: Significance & History of the Day
Posted On : 01 July 2021, 2 Months Ago. Health-wellness
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Doctors are the backbone of the healthcare system of civil societies. Medical professionals endure tough moments day in and out. The pandemic has proved, yet again, that without doctors, the worst global crisis the world has seen in the last century would be insurmountable.


About National Doctors’ Day


National Doctor’s Day is celebrated in India on July 1, every year. The day has been organized by the efforts of the Indian Medical Association that picks a unique theme every year to highlight the work and challenges being faced by doctors across the country.


Doctor’s Day isn’t unique to India. World over, nations commemorate the medical fraternity by celebrating Doctor’s Day on different days of the year. Different traditions are followed by every nation, and important conversations take place between healthcare professionals and public health officials on how to better support doctors. But the underlying objective is the same — expressing gratitude, support and appreciation for the unrelenting efforts of medical professionals and healthcare providers. The public is encouraged to share greeting cards with messages, and events are hosted to celebrate doctors at medical centres and public spaces.



Awareness for the Physical and Mental Well-Being of Doctors


The medical profession is a physically and mentally challenging field of work. Doctors are passionate about what they do, but that doesn’t protect them from burnout, fatigue, physical ailments, disease and mental health conditions like depression or anxiety. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the stress of Covid 19 has affected doctors as well. Not only have they had to put themselves on the frontline of the battle against Covid 19, risking contracting the deadly virus themselves, they have had to do so while staying away from their families for months on end. In order for doctors to look after their communities, we as a society need to prioritize the health and well-being of doctors and when citizens engage with doctors in various situations, it is essential to be respectful and polite.


Doctors look after their health in the same way that we do - eating healthy, daily exercise, looking after their mental health, and spending time with loved ones. Initiatives and policies that advocate for the wellbeing of doctors in public health and private practice is the key to a robust healthcare system.


How Can We Celebrate National Doctors’ Day?


One day in a year is hardly enough to dedicate to this cadre of noble professionals who work day and night to heal their patients and save lives. There are small gestures that you can make to acknowledge their role in your lives. Even a thoughtful text message sharing your warm wishes on this day is sufficient. Another way of supporting the medical fraternity, that gives so much to society, is to become their allies in troubling times for the community.


At the height of the pandemic, doctors in public service were not receiving monthly salaries, they still put their lives at stake. At such times, showing solidarity and empathy by lending your support through funding, awareness building does more to show support for the doctors in our lives.




This day is also used to pay homage to deceased doctors, especially those who have died in the line of duty or care of others. Doctors’ day in 2020 in the post pandemic era took on a new meaning as healthcare systems were overworked globally to treat and cure coronavirus. Stories of doctors who succumbed to Covid-19 or were unable to see their families for months due to non-stop service at Covid-19 centres gained empathy among all sections of society. Last years’ Doctors’ Day served as a poignant reminder that the only way to support doctors was to abide by public health and safety norms diligently and for the government to provide greater care measures for its doctors and their families.




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