Reasons to Buy Health Insurance Policy Online
Reasons to Buy Health Insurance Policy Online
Posted On : 25 March 2021, 5 Months Ago. Health-Insurance
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One of the most important investments you to make in your life is a health insurance policy. The benefits of health insurance are many hence its essential and a must-have for everybody, to safeguard yourself from unexpected medical emergencies.

Even as the world moves online and industries adopt digitalization, insurers have empowered customers to buy medical insurance online. Customers can know more about health insurance online today and buy any health insurance policy online itself.

Even your existing health insurance policy can be renewed online, thus, ensuring that you don’t face any delays when your renewal deadline is coming up. Renewing your health insurance at the earliest is essential and being able to do this online saves you a lot of time and hassle.

Your claims can be submitted online too, which ensures that the entire process can now be conducted digitally, at your own convenience.

There are several reasons to buy health insurance online versus offline since it offers several advantages which will be talked about in this article further.  


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1. More Options

With all the insurers moving online, there are a multiple options when it comes to buying health insurance plans. You can browse through as many insurance plans as you want, and explore the various different options available to you when you seek insurance for your health.

2. Ability to Compare

Owing to all the insurance plans being available online, there are now several tools also available which enable you to compare the different plans online. Through these tools, you can select 2 or more plans and assess them on different parameters, including the premiums, the coverage, the add-ons and riders available with the plans, etc. With this information in hand, you are a lot more equipped to make an informed decision on the plan you want based on your personal requirements.

3. Pick the Least Premium

Many consumers believe that the best way to shortlist the health insurance policies you might want to purchase is to pick the one with the least premiums. However, it is also important to understand that premiums vary for every individual depending on their personal requirements, and are not the most important factor on which you must base your insurance purchase decision. Even as you shortlist the policies with the lowest premiums, make sure they offer enough coverage as per your needs

4. Get Maximum Coverage

Buying health insurance online offers you the capability to carefully assess all the policies available online and take an informed decision on which one to buy in order to avail the maximum coverage. Maximum coverage ensures that your policy is customized against a wide array of scenarios, through integration of a range of add-ons that offer financial support and coverage for a large number of diseases as well as treatments and therapies. Choosing it online gives you the time and comfort to carefully assess the pros and cons of these add-ons, and see which ones you require, before making a final purchase decision.

5. Ease in Transactions

Digital payments have become much more systematic in recent years, and today, there are several options available for consumers wishing to make online payments. When you buy health insurance online, you can always opt to pay online. This generates a receipt automatically and you will always have a record of the payment made without needing to hold onto a slip of paper.

6. At your Convenience

Opting to buy health insurance online lets you do it at your own convenience, from wherever you want. You can sit on your couch, drink your morning coffee, and shortlist the policies that look most suited for your needs. It is also easier to submit the documents required online.

7. Increased Transparency

Owing to the digital nature of the transaction, there will be increased transparency. For instance, you can receive your policy in the mail, which will you allow to comfortably read through the fine print. With all communication occurring transparently & digitally, the scope for errors is reduced.

8. Minimal Human Intervention

Most insurers offer chat bots online who guide you through the process of buying insurance online or even to renew an existing health insurance plan. This saves you the hassle of explaining to another person what you are looking for and instead, let the bot decide based on a questionnaire.

9. 24/7 Support

With online health insurance policies, you will always have access to 24/7 support. You can go to the website or through the app to contact the support personnel who can respond to your queries and guide you comfortably.




The best health insurance plans today offer protection against a range of diseases, and help policyholders avail a range of benefits that make seeking healthcare easier. Max Bupa has emerged as a trusted insurer in the Indian insurance industry, owing to its ability to offer enhanced customer support, along with maximum coverage. Its portfolio of health insurance plans empower policyholders to customize plans according to their individual requirements, all of which can be done online. Policyholders also have access to Cia, a chat bot, who assists them with their instant queries along with a 24/7 customer helpline to resolve their issues much faster.


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