Rid yourself of Cavities

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Rid yourself of Cavities

Max Bupa

28 February 2019


While everyone strives for perfection in terms of body fitness, we tend ignore the importance of oral hygiene. There are many issues concerning your teeth which go beyond the awareness of brushing and flossing daily. Cavities can be avoided with precautionary measures taken at the right time.

Lifestyle Choices: Many people complain about getting cavities even after brushing their teeth twice a day. The reason for this is not incomprehensible. Most diseases have been associated with our lifestyle choices and having cavities are also a part of the same lifestyle choices. Our markets are filled with a huge variety of juices, cakes, candies, snacks and junk food, which do our health more damage than good, more so our teeth, despite tall claims to be “sugar-free” and “good for health”. Brushing and flossing may not do much to prevent cavities if there is an addiction to snacking on sweets and other junk foods. Having a ‘sweet tooth’ also makes you more susceptible to getting cavities.

Avoid Getting Cavities: Cavities happen due to tooth decay which is the process of destruction of the tooth structure. It occurs because food that contains sugar or starch is left on the teeth giving ‘an opportunity’ to the bacteria already present in our mouth to feed on it and turn it into acid. The bacterium combines with this acid and saliva to form plaque which sticks to our teeth and destroys the enamel. This subsequently creates holes in the teeth. As the bacteria are already present, we can only take steps for the prevention of plaque forming on our enamel by limiting the intake of food items filled with sugar and starch; brushing and flossing regularly and removing plaque; using toothpaste containing fluoride; using mouthwash after every meal or snack, and visiting the dentist regularly. In cases where the decay is extensive, filling, root canals or crowning are the only options.

It should be kept in mind that cavities do not happen overnight. It is a consequence of a lack of initiative and determination in maintaining oral health for months and years that can result in cavities and loss of teeth. It does well to remember that prevention is better than cure and oral health should not be taken lightly.


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