When is the Right Time to Buy a Health Insurance Policy in India?
When is the Right Time to Buy a Health Insurance Policy in India?
Posted On : 16 February 2021, 5 Months Ago. Health-Insurance
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From the time you begin working professionally, most of your well-wishers and friends will tell you that an insurance policy is essential. A health insurance policy is the ideal instrument to ensure you can receive quality medical treatment even as the costs rise astronomically in line with the latest insurance trends.

If you still have questions as to when to buy health insurance, it is important to remember that the best time is now. When can you buy health insurance is one question that is bound to come up often, especially when you have people depending on you as well. To buy health insurance in India is easy, but it is important to make the right choices regarding the insurance policy you wish to proceed with to ensure adequate protection at all times.


When Can I Buy Health Insurance Policy in India?


A health insurance policy often serves as protection during times of medical emergencies. In recent times, medical treatment and other related costs, such as diagnostic tests or even hospitalisation, have increased exponentially. They are slated to increase even further in line with rising inflation levels. In order to be adequately equipped to deal with such a situation as and when it arises, it is important that you buy medical insurance as early as possible.


If you are confused as to when should you buy health insurance, read on below to learn why it should be one of the earliest investments you make.


1. Financial Freedom


If you buy health insurance early in your life, you can afford to save more since your medical expenses which are often the largest expenses, are taken care of. Additionally, the premiums you pay towards health insurance also help you save on taxes.

2. Lower Premiums


Insurers are likely to offer enhanced medical insurance policies at lower and better premiums when the potential policyholder is younger, since their health is expected to be better too than an older person. The older you get, the higher your premiums are likely to get too as your health complications increase.

3. Protection from Lifestyle Diseases


Our lifestyles today are much different than our previous generations experienced or could even have imagined. Our lives are more sedentary and we tend to work and travel over long hours, missing meals and often hunched over a computer screen. Such living conditions give rise to a host of lifestyle diseases, which can cause severe repercussions to your standard of living if not treated in time. Having an insurance policy in hand helps protect you from the eventuality of contracting a lifestyle disease.


The right time to buy a health insurance policy is right now. There is no way to predict the route our lives will take and similarly, there is no way to predict that we will not meet with any unforeseen medical emergencies. The only way to ensure that you are taking care of yourself as well as the rest of your family is by investing early on in a health insurance policy that offers you the chance to protect yourself and your family.


However, even as you look to buy a health insurance policy, there are several things you must consider.


Read on below to learn about the factors that you must consider before buying a health insurance policy:


1. Assess your Requirements


Before you invest in a health insurance, make sure you have identified your requirements so you can pick the policy that best aligns with them.

2. Browse through Options


Today, you can buy medical insurance online in India. The internet has made it much easier to do a range of tasks, and this increased accessibility gives you the opportunity to browse through the plans available to you before you make a decision.

3. Read through the Fine Print


The fine print in an insurance policy includes the inclusions and exclusions covered under the policy. Reading this document lets you understand the terms and conditions of the policy you have.




A health insurance policy helps us in times of medical distress, especially if the costs are high and funds are difficult to come by. It is best to opt for a policy early in life since you can pick one that best suits you for cost-effective premiums that are bound to increase as you age. This can save one from unnecessary financial strain during medical emergencies.

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