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Max Bupa

18 November 2019

Your usual circuit doesn’t beckon now converted into a slushy road or park with leeches and worms wriggling around.  Sure you are attached to your regular walk or jog spaces or miss out on your regular game of golf to keep in shape and happy may not be available; however, rainy days are no reason to skip your workout. The wet weather can sure be a dampener but don’t let it imprison you. Continue to engage in a regular exercise regime indoors, to be happy both mentally and physically.


1. Stretching will make all the other exercises easier to do. Stand straight and stretch up your hands as much as they can go and then slowly bend from your hips to touch your toes. Doesn’t matter if you can’t do it without bending your knees. Bend forward at the waist, to the right, then backward, and finally to the left for a low-impact movement as part of your daily routine.

2. Stand on your toes and come back down on your heels a few times. Avoid doing too many of these the first day if you’ve never done them before otherwise you’ll find your calves quite sore later on.

3. Put on your headphones and take a trip to the mall or just walk around your home. Lay out a circuit for yourself around tables and sofas and walk around for the same time that you would if you were outdoors.

4. Run in one place for about 10 minutes to increase your heart rate and warm up for other exercises.

5. Jumping jacks are a classic routine that is considered one of the best exercises to do indoors to boost the heart rate. Do as many as you can – without pushing yourself as doing too many of them may be counterproductive because of pressure on the joints.

6. Hold on to both sides of a doorway with your hands, lean back and squat a bit farther than halfway down for easy squats. When you feel a burning sensation in your thighs, you know they’re working.

7. Sit ups are a great way to lose flab on the stomach as well as to strengthen your core. Always use a yoga mat, a pillow or towels to reduce friction burns as you do your sit ups.

8. Lift light weights to build strength and for cardiovascular training. An extra bonus is that strength training also helps to prevent osteoporosis. Work your way up to heavier weights as you become more comfortable.

9. As we grow older, we begin to lose abilities that we earlier took for granted. Siting on to the floor and then standing up again several times each day can forestall the loss of agility. Grab every opportunity to get on the floor with children or pets and enjoy the freedom of knowing that if you fall, you will be able to get up on your own. Crawling on the floor is an easy way to relieve lower-back pain and improve balance. Do this simple activity for thirty seconds or so each day.

10. A great way to improve balance is to make a habit of putting on your socks standing up and without holding on to anything. It may seem difficult at first, but with a little practice, you will be able to do it easily as part of your dressing routine.

Taking time out each day to exercise, just as you would in normal weather will keep you in good physical condition and mentally stronger. So what’re you waiting for…..?

A word of caution: If you haven’t exercised before or have any medical conditions, please consult your doctor before starting any exercise regime.


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