#Selfcare: A guide to healthy living for the working millennial
Selfcare A guide to healthy living for the working millennial

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#Selfcare: A guide to healthy living for the working millennial

Max Bupa

29 June 2020

Did you know you are probably a part of the most unhealthy generation yet? As per Forbes, millennials are the most unhealthy and stressed-out generation to date. Overworking, limited social contact, binge-eating and not actively seeking help for the health concerns are some of the most common ways in which our health spirals out of control.

While often there isn't much you can do about your nature of work or how long you have to be in the office, there are certain changes you can make to ease yourself into a healthier lifestyle. We talked to four hundred millennials and asked them what helps them stay fit. Here are the top 6 responses.


1. The power of a routine

You have probably already tried having a healthier routine - eating each meal at the right time, working out every day, sleeping early etc. However, it was probably much harder to stick to for a long period and mostly because other important things kept coming in the way. What you can do instead is, build your routine around the important tasks (office, commute, socialising etc.) instead of trying to change it. For example, if you like meeting your friends in the evening, go to the gym in the morning. But make sure whatever routine you have created now, you stay with it.


2. The gym: not an end-all of fitness

You can always work out at home. If you don't have any gym equipment at home, that is okay too. Bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, squats, planks, lunges etc. are a great way to work out without any equipment since you just use your own weight against gravity.


3. The diet dilemma

Longer work hours often leave you exhausted to a point where cooking or planning your meals seem like a mammoth task. Coming back from a long day at work often creates cravings for processed/junk food as it is easily accessible and full of flavour. While this sort of lifestyle may work from a short-term perspective, regular indulgence can impact your body as well as your mental health.

An easy way to avoid junk food is to stock up on healthy snacks like fresh fruits, nuts and seeds, yoghurt etc. You can also prepare your meals in advance, which will leave less room for cheat meals.


5. The threat of extensive screen-time

Studies have shown that social media and the browsing culture has led to more loneliness, anxiety and depression amongst millennials than anything else. Though we understand that doing away with technology is not possible or even desirable, taking a conscious step to lower your screen time is your next best bet.

Most apps now have a feature that can be used to measure the time spent on social media. You can also ensure a no-screen period which will help you spend more quality time with family or indulge in other activities/hobbies.


6. A good health insurance plan

Contrary to popular belief, a health insurance plan is not just for what happens after an illness. It can also help you avoid it. Max Bupa's Go Active plan encourages you to stay healthy by offering discounts on the premium. For successfully reaching your health goals on the Health Coach app, you can avail up to 20% discount on the next premium. And of course, it has your back if something does happen by offering you all the usual features of a quality health insurance plan such as 30 minutes cashless claim processing, access to a robust hospital network of 4800+ hospitals and direct claim settlement.  You can check out the plan here https://www.maxbupa.com/family-health-insurance-plans/goactive-family-floater.html

These tips worked for thousands of people but will it for you? Well, there's just one way of finding out and that is to actually incorporate them in your lifestyle.







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