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Various electronic self-monitoring tools are available in the market. While they manage to display a wealth of data to help you keep track of and manage aspects of your health, they lack an essential component: the human touch. 

So, you may know how many steps you have walked in a day, a week or a month, but the aloof data gives no reason as to why your knee hurts. You flip the app screen to discover a disturbed sleep pattern, you attribute it to stress and continue on worrying about your health when the answer could have been as simple as what you ate or what time you ate the night before. 

The GoActive Health Insurance plan from Max Bupa is a gamechanger. It offers a health coach with a customized plan for each consumer based on assessment. All you need to is login to the Max Bupa app and set your goals. The coach will then work with you to help achieve these goals. These would include habit tracking as well as review calls. What more, at the end of the year, based on your health score, you can get up to 20% discount on your premium. 

Personalized coaching as per individual needs enables you to live a healthy life through continuous engagement. Setting and achieving health goals need to be supplemented with a complete health assessment. 

Electronic devices help in tracking weekly statistics, but equally important is the fact that habits need to be tracked and food logs maintained. One without the other soon proves to be meaningless without continuous review and interaction with a qualified human.


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