Take Care of Your Family with Best Health Insurance Plans

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Take Care of Your Family with Best Health Insurance Plans

Max Bupa

31 March 2019

Take Care of Your Family with Best Health Insurance Plans

We leave no stone unturned to keep our families safe and sound. Diseases and illness cannot be predicted so the best option is to financially protect your family and yourself in such situations by securing a health insurance for your family. The advantage of a health insurance for your family is that it covers you and your family without any limit for individual member of the family.


Which Family Mediclaim Policy would you choose?


There is no dearth of quality family Mediclaim policy in India. Our lifestyle and increasing unforeseen incidents have led to mounting demands for such health covers, the reason why a plethora of health insurance providers have come up with family health insurance policies to tap into the growing needs. However, to trace the best plan one must analyze and assess the available policies. Coverage of an offer is a standout amongst the most significant parameters as most plans cover only individual, spouse and children; but very few plans extend the coverage to dependent parents, parents-in-law and siblings. Seemingly, all family health policies look the same but they vary on the basis of suitability, benefits and limitations. You must be sure that your picked family medical claim will fit your financial plan and fill all your needs in the short run as well as the long run.


Types of Family Health Insurance Plans

  • • Medical Insurance – Under this, the insurer reimburses the hospitalization cost subject to the medical treatment. The insurance company bears the expense as either cashless treatment or reimbursement.
  • • Critical Illness Insurance- This policy covers the insurance holder against chronic diseases like stroke, kidney failure, heart attack etc. The insurance company usually pays the entire sum assured to the policy holder lump-sum. However, this cannot be purchased for the entire family as a single insurance.

Our 5 best picks

The health insurance in India is at present brimming with a myriad of family Mediclaim policies. After a careful analysis, we have come up with the list of best 5 health insurance policies in India for your family.

Insurance Plan


Unique benefits


Apollo Munich Optima

·         Maximum 6 members

·         dependent children ( from 91 days) , spouse and parents and parents-in law (5 to 65 years of age)

·         No sub limit on room rent

·         No co-pay

·         Restorer and multiplier benefit available

·         Pre-existing condition covered after a waiting period of 3 years

·         Non allopathic treatment dental treatment, and pregnancy are not covered

·         Free health checkup is not available up to sum insured 15 lakh

·         2 year waiting period for specific diseases like cataract, hernia, joint replacement etc.

Max Bupa Companion


·         18 above for adults , 91 days to 21 years for children

·         Coverage up to 19 relationships

·         Life time renewal

·         No claim bonus

·         Non allopathic treatment covered, coverage for AYUSH

·         Vaccination for animal bites covered

·         Coverage for all day cares

·         No sub limit for pre and post hospitalization and domiciliary expenses.

·         20% co-pay is applicable for policyholders seeking treatment in zone 1 hospitals; however a 10% discount is available while choosing this option.

Star Health Comprehensive


3 months to 65 years


·         Air ambulance cover available from sum insured 7.5 lakh

·         Bariatric surgery is covered

·         Restoration of sum insured is available

·         New born baby cover available

·         Coverage for outpatient dental and ophthalmic treatment.

·         Non allopathic treatment naturopathy treatment, and pregnancy are not covered

·         Treatment outside India is not covered

·         10% co-pay is applicable for claims made by policy holders above 60 years of age at entry level


Family floater Health Guard  Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance


·         18 to 65 as adults

·         3 months to 25 years as dependent children

·         10% Cumulative bonus for every claim free year ( max is 50% for 5 claim free years) 

·         Free health check-up

·         130 day care procedures are covered

·         Life time renewal

·         Policy termination with a 15 day notice period and if no claim has been made, some premium will be refunded.

·         4 year waiting period for a pre-existing disease

·         Cosmetic aesthetic treatments are not covered

·         Any issue due to intake of alcohol and other additive substances is not covered

·         Non allopathic treatment are not covered

·         4 year waiting period for specific diseases like joint replacement, laser eyesight treatment etc.



Family Medicare Policy , United India Health Insurance


·         18 to 80 years  for adults

·         3 months to 18 years as dependent children

·         Lifetime renewal

·         Claim settlement with 15 days with the receipt of necessary documents

·         Return the policy within 15 days from the date of receipt of the policy

·         No claim discount of 3% after 3 continuous claim free years, maximum being 15%.

·         AYUSH treatment covered


·         Pre-existing conditions are not included

·         Naturopathy treatment, dental treatment, plastic & other cosmetic surgeries. and pregnancy are not covered

·         Any disease during first 30 days of the policy is not included

·         Any issue due to intake of alcohol and other additive substances is not covered



Before purchasing a family health insurance plan, you should not only keep abreast of the benefits and features but also be aware of the short comings of the plans you are considering. You must compare various family Mediclaim policies that come with sufficient sum insured amount, wide coverage, lenient eligibility and least number of exclusions. Avail your policy today and safeguard the future of your family.


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